Just shut up and work out!

I’m not a competitive person.

Having said that, I like to win.

May 1st marked the start of a fitness challenge at work. For the month of May, the idea is to track how much time people spend doing fitness related activities and the team with the most time wins a trophy. And, of course, indisputable bragging rights. So naturally, as someone who rows in the morning, runs in the evening, has two half marathons planned for the month, and is regularly doing yoga and cleaning, basically I’m ready to snap necks and cash checks if you know what I mean.

And like the way I cox, I coach my team to victory by mercilessly bullying them into doing things like going for walks, stretching at their desks, and always taking the stairs whether it’s going up or down. Basically, my co-workers kind of hate me and it’s only May 2nd but I really want to win this and I can’t just be carrying their dead weight! There’s only so many fitness activities I can do by myself, you know?

Anyone ever do a fitness challenge at work? Did you win? How did you do it?


2 thoughts on “Just shut up and work out!

  1. They had a cool track and field type of day where I used to work, but I missed it because I was away (at Disney). It sounded like it was actually fun though…someone tore their achilles tendon though so of course it never happened again.

    Oh, and we had a kick ball tournament. That may have been fun if it was more organized…

  2. My company does a Fitness Challenge thing twice a year where you keep track of your steps in a day. It’s about 2 months long and because it’s across the country, there’s no prize, no real way to monitor it and I’m about 99.9% positive that most of the people are lying about what they’re doing.

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