Working out the kinks

This past week has been busy. As some of you may have picked up on, I had a house guest. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years (we met when I was a PhD student in Minneapolis) and it became increasingly clear that our friendship was… well, let’s just say I’m not in a rush to see her again, shall we? Geez, you stay at someone’s house for 4 days, eat their hummus and you don’t even leave a thank you note? I knew it would be rough when I got dressed for work Friday morning and we had this exchange:
Her: “That’s a cute dress.”
Me: “Thanks! It’s really comfortable, I got it at the Gap.”
Her: “Do you know how much they pay workers and how unsafe the factories are?”

[For all you tall, thin, blonde women with big boobs I am so sorry that life is so difficult for you. I’ll say some prayers for you all each night in the hopes that your lives will dramatically improve. You are the oppressed and there will be a special place in God’s kingdom for you all, I’m sure.]

20140506-102509.jpgDespite the ‘tude, I offered to take her to lunch on Saturday at the Amsterdam Falafel shop because I’m just an amazing person to be around even if I’m secretly starting to kind of hate you.

I can’t suggest strongly enough that you all stop here when you’re in DC. I love this place. It’s located on 18th Street in Adams Morgan, kind of near the National Zoo and not a long walk from there by any standards. In fact, I think Woodley Park might be the closest Metro stop. It’s cheap, no frills, and delicious. You can’t go wrong! Added bonus: when you can’t get to Pecos Bill’s in the Magic Kingdom, head here because they have a… wait for it… FIXIN’S BAR. And it’s pretty amazing.

[FYI, if you’re with me and you say you like to walk, you better really like to walk. My car free lifestyle combined with my enjoyment of running means I’ll walk 3 miles for falafel and it will not phase me at all. I think this is totally reasonable.]

At the fixin’s bar I filled up on tahini, hummus, roasted eggplant salad, baba ghanoush, taziki… And it was amazing. every last bite was delicious. There are no forks or plates, that’s the one trick. You can get as much as you want, but it’s got to fit in the pita. Also, the fries are quite tasty. So I cordially invite you all to join me for a falafel sandwich the next time you’re in DC.20140506-102519.jpgCurious to know what your favorite meal in your town is in case I ever happen to be passing through.

Also, what do you consider some basic rules of being a friend’s house guest?


10 thoughts on “Working out the kinks

  1. Oh my goodness, your falafel shop sounds amazing!

    I guess I’ve been lucky as far as house guests go, I’ve never had any leave with me wishing I never see them again! If I stay at someone’s house I’ll usually pay if we go out to dinner or something like that and then probably send a quick thank you once I’m home. Oh and the last day I’m there I always ask if they want me to make the bed or pull the sheets off to be washed or anything…I hate leaving extra work for them!

  2. Honestly…I hate staying at people’s homes. I’d rather hotel it. I just always feel like I’m cramping their style.
    I’ve noticed as I get older that some people are better in small doses. Several days is a lot.

  3. Your house guest sucks. She gives tall (dirty) blondes a bad name! Although I’m not thin and I don’t have big boobs so I guess I don’t fall in her demographic…woohoo!

    When you come to NY, there’s a falafel place in Union Square that is no joke AMAZING! I’m a big meat/bacon eater and I would actually voluntarily go there and eat. Delicious! And you can add whatever to it too! (although they do it for you, but you choose from a fix-ins ish bar).

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