Who’s #1? Oh, right, I am.

Basically, I’m schooling everyone at work in what an active lifestyle looks like. Not only did my team come in first for the first week of May, but so far I’m the most active person tracking my “fitness” minutes. Yeah, that’s right. How am I winning? Let’s take a look at a rough approximation of my Tuesday to see what I’ve been up to in the fitness world.

5:30am-5:40am: (10 minutes) Walking to the Boat House.
5:45am-5:50am: (5 minutes) Carrying boat and oars for rowing.
5:55am-7:30am: (100 minutes) Row.
7:30-7:40am: (10 minutes) Walking home from boat house.
Total before 8:00am: 125 minutes.

8:15am-8:40am: (25 minutes) Walk to work.
12:00-12:15pm: (15 minutes) Yoga break!
5:30-5:50pm: (20 minutes) Walk home from work.
Total by 6:00pm: 185 minutes.

6:00pm-7:pm: (60 minutes) Evening run.
7:00pm-7:15pm: (15 minutes) Yoga stretch out.
Total by 7:30pm: 260 minutes.

What really helps me is that I a) walk everywhere, b) lack children and/or a significant other to occupy my free time, c) now have a desire to be really active.

In some respects, I’ve become the complete opposite of my old self. Once upon a time while all the other kids were out playing and running around or riding bikes I was safely ensconced indoors reading. All I wanted to do was read. Suddenly I just don’t want to have to sit still, I want to be moving. Going somewhere, doing something, preferably outdoors. I have a hard time finding books I actually want to read, as a matter of fact. Once I’m out of work I want to run free, quite literally.

The weekly results are tabulated and posted on the internal work website to foster competition. A co-worker said we should knock down the numbers because people will think we’re cheating. He said, “no one’s going to think you do almost 2 hours of working out each day.”

And he’s right. To look at me, I don’t look like what you’d expect someone who spends a lot of time working out to look like. But for anyone who doubts how much time I spend moving around and working my legs, I dare them to come up and feel my thigh muscles because yes, I find it really funny that I can barely do a sit up but I can totally flex my thighs.

How much time do you guys spend doing “fitness” activities? (the list includes cleaning house, yoga, walking…)


13 thoughts on “Who’s #1? Oh, right, I am.

  1. Whoa. That’s all I have to say is whoa.

    I would honestly love to be able to walk more. Unfortunately my office is 13.1 miles away from my home and so I don’t really feeling like doing at least a half marathon a day.

    And I have no doubt about the awesomeness of your quads! They are probably solid steel. I definitely don’t have the look either, but the funny thing is, I can do more sit-ups than a lot of people. I have a six pack hidden under this keg!

    Heh. Apparently I did have more to say than “woah.” My bad!

  2. Nice! I have this issue where my mornings are super intensely busy with my workout and then I’m very sloth-like for the rest of the day. I’ve been trying to even it out by taking the pup for multiple walks but I still feel very top heavy.

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