Oh right, SUMMER.

IMG_1726 Life has been busy lately, in a good way I think.

I’ve now been going to rowing 4 days a week without missing a single day for a month and a half and I’m improving at that, but my legs feel tired. Everything has been feeling a little achy lately and this weekend I started racking up races for my 9+1 guaranteed entry for the NYC Marathon in 2015. You know how you may be experiencing some discomfort but you just choose to ignore it because the alternative seems more unpleasant than the physical discomfort? After 5 months of being really, really good about my runs and cognizant of my IT band problems by mile 3 of the 10k I knew the problem was back in full force. In fact, I knew this after the Nike 1/2 when I was avoiding walking down stairs and bending my left knee. But I willfully chose to ignore it.

Running = willfully choosing to ignore discomfort.

Naturally, the best solution to this problem is to head out and run again the next day, only try to run harder. Just before I got to mile 3, my right hip also started hurting in a sharp pain that was somewhat new and I spent the remainder of the race singing “the shit hits the fan” to the tune of “the cheese stands alone” to myself in my head.

And you know how in Frozen everyone wants Queen Elsa to bring back summer? And Olaf’s all, “bees that buzz and kissable dandelion fuzz”? Well, in reality those bees sting you. And that hurts. And summer is not just a nice picnic on a warm, sunny day, okay, obviously in Arendelle they’re unfamiliar with humidity and severe summer storms. At this time I would like to formally request that Queen Elsa at least bring the humidity down a little bit if that’s something she has control over. Do you think making it cold means she could make it less humid? I don’t think so but I think it’s worth a try and that would be one superpower I would fully support.

This is what I think about when I’m running in humidity and feel like my face is going to burn off. Katherine said she felt the same way afterward so I felt better. She also, as always, made waiting in the corrals a lot more fun. Before the 10k we were talking about Advanced Dining Reservations because speaking of running in heat and humidity, it’s officially 179 days ’til we leave for Wine & Dine!

How’s everyone handling the heat/humidity? What are you doing to prepare for the hell that is summer running? (Because it is indeed hell and you won’t convince me otherwise.)



11 thoughts on “Oh right, SUMMER.

  1. I was thinking of you this weekend with the weather! I have NO idea how you ran back to back 10Ks in that! I did a pitiful (and I mean PITIFUL) 5K on Sunday, including resurfacing of mystery pain. Brooklyn is NOT looking good :/

    But I agree, can we give Elsa a call about this humidity? You’ve got her on speed dial don’t you?

  2. I live in Texas. It’s not for six months of the year, so I just remind myself that training in the heat makes for fast fall and winter races. And I run after sundown. 😉

  3. The heat and humidity decided to show up this week, how I’ve missed it. Usually I can ease into the summer weather, but Mother Nature forgot the whole idea of Spring in these parts…ah well, I won’t complain.

    Walking down the stairs with ITB is a special kind of torture.

  4. GLAD I GOT TO BE YOUR CORRAL BUDDY AGAINNNNNN before our faces starting detaching from our skulls I MISS WINTER I ACTUALLY MISS IT

    Also I thought the lyrics was “kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz”? Have I been hearing it wrong? I think both versions work…

  5. Heat + Humidity + Allergic to all things grown in nature = Sheer misery on my run Saturday!

    Honestly, I am so tempted to post the picture of what I looked like after my run, but it’s really just that bad. I looked like I had gotten stung by bee all over my face! My eyes were all swollen and I could have gone through a whole box of tissues on that run (but you know, who carries a box of tissues on a run??! The bottom of my shirt had to jump in as a substitute…) It was horrendous and I am seriously not looking forward to summer running : (


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