My Best Running Ideas. EVER.

I’m bringing you a countdown of the top five best running ideas I’ve ever had. You should probably print this out and keep it somewhere because they’re pretty amazing.

5.  Sign up for the Dopey Challenge two years in a row because then you’ll look forward to the relaxation of going back to work.
4.  Wear clothing you’ve never run in before for a half or full marathon and don’t forget to not apply anything akin to body glide/Vaseline.
3.  Eat a really large meal and chug 1-2 bottles of water just before going out to run.
Feeling pain? Go out for another run and try to run harder. That’ll solve the problem.
  Do my marathon training long run at 1pm, in August, on a trail with no shade and don’t bring any water.

Now I want to hear your best running ideas!


14 thoughts on “My Best Running Ideas. EVER.

  1. These are great ideas! And unfortunately I’ve done all of them (except for the 1st).

    The only idea I can add is similar to #1 where you attempt to run your first marathon EVER the day after a half marathon.

  2. This made me giggle–which I desperately needed this morning. My worst idea for running was decided to donate blood the day before running a 20 mile training run. I still get bugged about that one and the beautiful shade of pasty green that I had turned.

  3. I like to see just how little training I can do for a half and still finish. Turns out, you can do pretty much no training and still finish. It’s bad that I know this because I’ve done it multiple times and swear every time I won’t do it again!

    I also thought it was a good idea to run my first full the day after a half. I can’t be trusted to make good decisions.

  4. Training for half marathons by doing other half marathons. Did 4 in a month. I couldn’t walk straight for 2 months after, yet still kept running to do 50 total road races that year

  5. I’ve had pretty good ideas in the past, like running a full marathon as my first race in the most humid part of the U.S. without following a training plan and having my longest run reach only 15 miles before that. My brightest idea of the moment seems to be running a half marathon eight days after running a half marathon … soon … with inadequate training. I’m crossing my fingers for both Brooklyn and Madison and already prepping the KT Tape and ice packs…

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