Back to Back Half Marathons

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 9.56.25 AMAfter Dopey, you’d think I’d be totally fine with back-to-back half marathons this weekend. You would think, “oh, she knows what she needs to do, she’ll do it and she’ll have a great time! She’ll be prepared!” I’m so happy this imaginary “you” thinks so highly of me but has actually never met me.

I’m trying really hard to set myself up for success. I did a 5 mile run on Tuesday, the last 3 with Shack Track and Field. The heat this week (90 on Tuesday) made running really unappealing, but fortunately I’m such a chazzer that I got my shit together at the prospect of a free milkshake.

Funny fact: I thought it started at 6:30 but it didn’t start til 7, so instead of just running three miles and getting home by 7 (and not getting the free milkshake), I ended going for a longer run than I had initially planned just so I could get my free milkshake. Except after running what was for me a really speedy 3 miler, I almost threw up said milkshake. For future reference, dairy after a hot run not the best idea I’ve ever had. Also by the end of the third mile with Shake Shack just a block or two away my knee was starting to act up so I haven’t run since.

Saturday morning I wake up early to get in for the Brooklyn half marathon. I’m banking on good weather this weekend and hoping I’ll finally get fries at Nathan’s after I finish running. Last year hanging around wasn’t much fun since I didn’t get any cell phone service, it was cold and starting to rain, and I was all around cranky. My parents are planning on parking and weather permitting getting breakfast at a diner then hanging out on the boardwalk til I finish.

Parachute Jump... Or what's left of it.

Parachute Jump… Or what’s left of it.

In the spirit of having learned from my mistakes, though, I will eat sensibly all day Friday and Saturday and enjoy a smart, sensible meal at home Saturday night and not rely on fries and soda the afternoon before to power me through half marathon #2 on Sunday.

Superhero half marathon starts Sunday and I’ll bust out the Rainbow Brite costume I made last year for this race and hopefully I can find the rainbow arm and leg warmers I got last year for the occasion. I’m a new devotee of race day packet pick up, but I might head up to Morristown on Friday to pick up my number.

I’m not exactly excited, more like ambivalent at this point. Perhaps it’s just my emotional way of bracing myself for what promises to be an uncomfortable weekend if my knee gives out. I’m taping both, praying to a random assortment of gods that it doesn’t hurt too bad, and then just going for it.

Wish me luck and say hello if you’ll be around for Brooklyn (last corral of Wave 1) and/or Superhero on Sunday!

Anyone have any words of advice? What’s your run strategy for this weekend?



14 thoughts on “Back to Back Half Marathons

  1. My plan for the Cleveland 1/2 on Sunday is to just finish at this point. I got another cold this week so breathing is a bit of a problem…I need to figure out why I’ve been getting so many colds this year! 😦 good luck on your 1/2!!

  2. Oh no, and I was just complaining about my half marathons a week apart. Never mind, you win the crazy award.

    I heard cell service sucks (and will continue to suck) at the finish line; WILL I FIND YOU?! I want a corn dog and an Italian ice or spumoni…

  3. Oh no! Cell service can’t suck! That ruined my revised plan of our 5K “together” being done via twitter! (or text). Who can I call to fix this?!?! Damn you Brooklyn! Damn you!!!!

  4. How did it go? I found a double half Mary in Lincoln Nebraska the first weekend in October so I’m starting to do back to back long runs on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    What did you eat the night before your second half?

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