Shit Show outside the Freak Show: Brooklyn Half Recap

In the spirit of having a sense of humor about things, the Brooklyn Half marathon can be summarized as a Shit Show.

The upside is that I didn’t end up running an extra 4 miles up hill this year. So that was good.

The weather was a vast improvement, so that was good, too.

But despite my best efforts to thwart the pain in my left knee, I was thwarted by shoddy KT Tape. I brought a new pack I got for Christmas home with me and put it on the night before the race. I applied it how I usually do, after I got washed that day and I made sure my skin my nice and dry. And it wouldn’t stick. When I woke up the next morning, it had all peeled off so I applied some more in the car.

That peeled off by the time we got to Brooklyn.

I put on another set of tape in my corral. That was gone before I even hit mile marker #1.

Twitter is, if nothing else, a really great platform for complaining to companies about their shoddy products and I was not happy with KT Tape at all. This had never happened to me, and honestly this has been the only thing that’s been keeping the pain at a manageable level.

By mile 3, my knee was killing me. By mile 6 I was noticeably slowing down. By mile 12 I couldn’t run because my modified gate had created problems with my right ankle and hip.

Brooklyn was basically the rotted cherry on top of a terrible season. Limping away from the Brooklyn Half, I knew rationally I couldn’t run the Superhero the next day and upon watching me attempt to walk down the stairs Sunday morning my mom refused to give me a ride to the race and a large fight ensued, and ended with me missing the race.

I guess this is something of a turning point now in my running life. I don’t know how to go forward, and I don’t want to keep going for runs that end up just being painful and/or spending the whole time being afraid of the unavoidable pain that’s going to come. So I don’t know, this might be it for running for awhile. I might just defer Chicago and New York and possibly even Dopey.

That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. Maybe my attitude will change when I can walk down a step like a normal human being again.


6 thoughts on “Shit Show outside the Freak Show: Brooklyn Half Recap

  1. Oh no! This is a bad experience. I had a horrible couple of races in April and my attitude was the same. I didn’t know what to do either at first, but then after I came down from my grouchies after the Women’s half in April, I bought a foam roller, knee braces and new shoes. Since I started using them to prep for yesterday’s Brooklyn run, I have been in much less pain and more at ease with my body while running. I know you can get out of your rut!

  2. I totally understand how you feel. I am kind of feeling the same way with my recurrent hip pain. But…it only lasts a while before I start to miss running…a little too much. I hope your knee gets better soon.

  3. Ugh. Nicole. I am so sorry to hear you had such a bad day. Take care of your body and don’t worry about missing the super hero race–just focus on healing up because you have bigger and better races to come!

  4. Ughhhhhh I’m so, so sorry this was a bad experience. Boo. A bum knee was the first running issue I ever had; I ended up taking a little more than a month off (that killed me at the time but obviously wasn’t that much time at all in the long run, especially since, like now, it was late spring and I didn’t have any long, “serious” races planned for months) and then starting running again with one of those braces under my knee, which helped, but eventually I got stronger and stopped running with the brace and now my knees are like the only body parts that haven’t really bothered me in years (I mean except for the end of a marathon where my entire body hurts). I’m not saying this is what you have to do because it could be totally different issues, I’m just suggesting you probably don’t need as much time off as you think you do and don’t defer things just yet and rest is your friend and watch some brothers Crane and feel better friend! ❤

  5. Oh no! I’m so sorry! No wonder you didn’t even want fries any more! Just take it one day at a time and worry about running/race decisions later when everything isn’t as fresh! I’m sorry Brooklyn was so bad for you 😦

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