Self pity, she wrote

FletcherSunday was the day I threw myself a huge pity party complete with binge eating junk food while sitting on the couch and binge watching Murder, She Wrote while the dog my parents are watching sat on my lap and we fought over the cheese doodles. As I settled into my malaise and decided never again would I run, instead I would just become one with my couch, my mom asked if I had to run any errands before they dropped me off at the train station to head back to DC.

Run. Ha. Kick a girl when she’s IMG_2299down, mom. While my initial reaction had been “I’ll never run again, what’s the point, let me lay here and grow in size in peace.”

As I watched J.B. Fletcher jog across the screen, though, I realized that if for no other reason I couldn’t give up running just yet. I mean, I’d already paid for the Dopey Challenge. So instead of asking her to bring me some more ice cream I said, “Will you give me a ride to the running store?” It’s never hard to convince my mom to go there because they have a drive through Starbucks in the same mall.

It’s been 2 years since I got my gait tested so they redid the whole evaluation and when he got to the part about injury history, I choked out “IT band.” He nodded solemnly and I could see the other runners in the room quietly crossing themselves and saying prayers that the affliction never come their way. Turns out the guy sitting in front of the treadmill I was running on was a high school track coach. “If you don’t mind, the coach in me wants to make a few suggestions,” he said. “I heard you say you have IT band problems, right?” I nodded as gravely as possible and accepted his offer of advice. I mean, so far my genius ideas hadn’t been working. He said, “I’m seeing a lot of hip movement when you run. [He mimics my hip movement] That would be great if we were hula hooping, but we’re not doing that and that movement can put a lot of stress on the IT band and causes that friction.” So he gets down on the floor and starts modeling some hip stabilizing exercises and says I should try doing those once a day. If nothing else, there’s something about runners that makes them really unafraid to embarrass themselves publicly.

I thanked him and started trying on shoes. The girl brought them out and said, “Do you like how these look?” I stared at her for a minute and said, “Five minutes into a run I really don’t give a shit what they look like, you know I mean?” She laughed and said that the girl before me had refused some shoes because she thought they were ugly looking. We both laughed at this foolish girl and I finally found a pair that felt really good. I took them on the treadmill to see how they felt and judged them adequate.

These are them! Everyone, say hello to my new pair of Brooks Ravennas. 20140519-070332.jpg

On top of new shoes, I’m going to add in the hip crap and take the next week completely off from running. 100%. My knee is still bothering me after Saturday (okay, so my mother was right, there was no way I could do a half marathon on Sunday) so it’s now pretty much living in an ice pack. It’ll be fine. I’ve got about a month until marathon training starts and I would like to start it as pain free as possible, so here’s to a month of rest and runs without a watch.

Survey: So what do you do when you have to pull yourself out of a rut?



18 thoughts on “Self pity, she wrote

  1. Wait wait wait so what I’m getting from this is that Angela Lansbury inspired you to go to a running store and properly get your shit checked out AND THAT IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD.

    It sounds like you have some great new shoes (which aren’t ugly at all, by the by, NOT THAT IT MATTERS) and a good plan for recuperating and you are totally going to kick ass at your fall and winter races (INCLUDING DOPEY, WHERE YOU WILL HAVE AN EXCELLENT SUPPORT SYSTEM, I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT).

    • Angela Lansbury is basically my inspiration for EVERYTHING. Murder, She Wrote is why I’m proactively saving for retirement: more time to become a famous mystery writer and solve murders. It doesn’t bode well for the people around me, but it’s the future I’ve chosen.

  2. So glad that you haven’t given up on running! Yay! May the force be with you! And your new sneakers! …in a month when training starts because you NEED to take some time off to rest.

  3. So glad you were able to get some leads on potential solutions! Side note: I had really bad IT Band troubles last year when training for my first full, I found doing clamshells in Pilates plus the use of a reusable IT band strap helped immensely. Good luck!

  4. So glad you only quit for a day! Ran a half yesterday, and IT shit started after a mile long hill (mile 7-8) and never got my mojo back so I finished with a PW (wasn’t running for PR, but I was 20 mins slower and pissed off). Anyway, same thoughts during my run as yours. I have a 15k (with work people) and two half’s in the next 5 weeks. I’m going to do hip flexor exercises today, because if that coach says it helps, I’m down. And Brooks shoes ARE the best!!!

    • THOSE GOD DAMN HILLS. They’re not a pain in the ass, they’re a pain in the fucking knee. But we’re better than our knees! I’ve had success with KT Tape, but this time it wouldn’t stick to me at all and completely peeled off by the time I got to the mile 1 marker.

  5. My pity party usually involves a burrito, some tortilla chips and wine while watching reruns of Psych. I went in to physical therapy in Feb for knee pain…turns out it was actually an IT band issue. It’s gotten better with stretches, hip raises (bridges), leg circles, clam shells, side leg raises, and single leg balance drills. Oh, and Aleve πŸ™‚ It’s like a whole other workout after a run. At least we had great weather for Brooklyn!

  6. Oh my goodness, I am in SUCH a running funk right now! I’ve been averaging like 10 miles A WEEK and that’s a struggle! I’m really hoping that once I start following a marathon plan I’ll get back into it.

    I’m so sorry to hear that your IT band & knee are bothering you again and that you had such a bad race the other day. I think a week or two off from running and focusing on icing, foam rolling and some yoga may be a good way to re-set your body and have it ready to go for marathon training!

  7. From a fellow IT suffering sister, may your new shoes and hip crap be just what you need. Still too early to know if it’s been working for me, but we can always be IT-miserable together if the running gods wish to continue down this friggin’ running path πŸ™‚

  8. Wait, those shoes are actually cute! Stella, you’ll get your groove back. It might just take some time. When I’m in a funk, I usually let myself wallow for a few days to a week, eat ice cream, cheeseburgers and potato chips. Then I “slap out of it,” to borrow a phrase from Cougar Town. I force myself to do healthy things that I don’t feel like doing, otherwise a week can easily turn into a month or more. By the second or third time forcing myself to do something healthy against my will, I’m usually out of said funk. So sorry. As a KT Tape user, I feel your pain, literally. The stuff is like good voodoo when it works, bad voodoo when it peels off mid-run. Every time I’ve been professionally taped at an expo, it stays. Half the time when I do it, it peels, so I suspect it has something to do with my application/body lotion.

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