Throwback Thursday Disney Edition

I have really been enjoying Kellie’s Throwback Thursdays that have to do with Disney World and that inspired me to write about something I always loved: the “We’re Going to Disney World” sitcom episodes, because while I’m taking a running hiatus that means I’ve got a lot more time for important things like old television plus they’re bringing it back from the dead with Wednesday’s episode of The Middle.PicMonkey CollageSplashMountainIt was a phenomenon of the ’90s sitcom that they went to Disney World and I can remember it all so clearly like it was yesterday. I know that these episodes were basically completely shameless product placement and marketing but I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

I think we can all agree that the most comprehensive and best episode was the two part Full House epic, “the House Meets the Mouse” (aired May 11, 1993). PicMonkey Collage

What makes it the best episode is that it really showcases the Grand Floridian, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom and basically there’s an Uncle Jesse singing moment in BOTH episodes, one of which is in the Grand Floridian lobby and the other is in front of CINDERELLA CASTLE. Basically, you can now associate some major Disney landmarks with John Stamos and in my book that’s always pretty amazing. As a side note, it’s kind of bewildering how he always did shit he had to apologize for and was only able to do so in a song that kind of skirted around his culpability. Just sayin’.

The downside to this episode was that, well, Michelle was princess for a day or some crap like that and if we’re being totally honest she was kind of a bitch to begin with so this didn’t improve her in my eyes. She ruined the Disney trip for Stephanie, which I find so incredibly bratty. But all was redeemed in my eyes because DJ’s boyfriend, Steve, who was also the voice of Aladdin, shows up in the episode that has a decidedly Aladdin undertone to it since Michelle rubs the magic lamp and gets three wishes (you know, after cutting Stephanie in line). And FYI, I had a not at all secret crush on Aladdin. First man I fell in love with. So these episodes were more or less a tie in to Aladdin which had just come out and set very high expectations for what could be clearly written out in fireworks. Also, I never understood why they didn’t go to Disneyland since they lived in San Francisco.

Next up: Step By Step, “We’re Going to Disney World!” PicMonkey Collagestepbystep

Step by Step was a TGIF staple and I remember actually really enjoying this show. Perhaps it was the chemistry between Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Summers? I don’t know, anyway, they get a trip to Disney World and Flash, who is basically the really annoying brain dead guy who tags along (because in the 1990s you couldn’t have every on a show be a competent human being, apparently) decides he’s going to go for the world record of doing everything in Disney World in the shortest amount of time possible. Apparently, in this Disney World universe you can step in to the Indiana Jones stunt show without any training or anything and do everything. Who knew. Lessons learned include: don’t be the sibling that’s keeping everyone else from having fun in the park (KAREN), don’t believe guys when they tell you their last name is Disney, and don’t spend all your Disney/rent money on some bimbos. Also, having a rich grandparent just show up and say she’s taking you to Disney World all expenses paid is pretty awesome.

Boy Meets World, of course. “The Happiest Show on Earth” was where Corey and Shawn follow Topanga to Disney World because she got a prize for an essay and she goes with the then really, really, really, incredibly good looking Andrew Keegan. LIKE YOU DON’T REMEMBER ANDREW KEEGAN and you weren’t sitting at home thinking, “hell yeah, he’s hot, if I were Corey, I’d be scared.” So they go and they sleep on Splash Mountain and as usual they’re in Epcot most of the time.  I think Disney didn’t want to have to close parts of the Magic Kingdom and this is why basically all the shows spend copious amounts of time in Epcot and in the World Showcase no less. At the time, most kids watching the shows were probably thinking, “fuck this shit, when are we getting on Space Mountain?!”

It was like Free Willy met Boy Meets World. Anyway, of course they reunite and once I get a boyfriend if we fight he’s going to have to take me to Epcot so we can dramatically kiss in front of the fountains in Future World a la Corey and Topanga. That magic moment. They should put in a plaque that says, “HERE STOOD COREY AND TOPANGA WHEN THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER.”PicMonkey CollageBmWI remember watching the episode of Family Matters when they went because Urkel was in some science competition at Innoventions. Apparently, this was a thing because my friend remembers winning a trip for her high school robotics team and they spent most of their time at Epcot or something. They stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, and Laura wanted Stefan to stay so she sabotaged the transformation chamber.

To this day, I get really excited when I see these episodes pop up in the TV guide because most of them aren’t available on DVD or on YouTube. Full House, Boy Meets World, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch are though, if I remember correctly. (And let’s be honest, the Sabrina episode sucks and was filmed at Animal Kingdom before it even opened so it’s basically a half hour of riding around on the safari.)

Did anyone else see the Middle last night and kind of understand why Sue passes out at that spot in the Magic Kingdom? Am I the only one who teared up thinking about THAT MOMENT when you walk in?

Also: FAVORITE SERIES VERSION OF “WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!” and/or Disneyland because Modern Family and Blossom went there.


13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Disney Edition

  1. I was JUST going to say that I have the Modern Family in Disneyland episode permanently saved on my DVR because, well, let’s face it, the addict that I am, I need access to a dose of Disney all the time! Anyway, this list is AWESOME!!!! I sooooo remember the Full House episode (and Michelle was ALWAYS a bitch) and Uncle Jesse singing! I’m not gonna lie, if all Greek guys were like him, I would have had no problem marrying a nice Greek boy like my grandmother always wanted (sorry, I’m getting way off topic here!) and Boy Meets World! Yay! They actually air repeats of that…which I now have to set my DVR for so that I can add the Disney episode to the permanent status with Modern Family. Wow, ok, I think I should shut up now, but that’s how amazing this post is that I am so excited I just can’t stop!

    • these episodes are so amazing I get really excited about them too!!! UNCLE JESSE SINGING A DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES IN FRONT OF THE CASTLE –magic moment. Did you ever wonder how they get out of that thing they do the radio broadcast in? I’d think they’d open it and it would flood.

      • It’s Disney Magic! Laws of Science and Logic don’t exist in Disney, therefore they were able to escape without issue.

        I will now waste half my day trying to YouTube whichever of these classic moments I can! Who needs to actually “work”?

  2. I LOL’d reading this because I watched these shows now and then but I don’t remember the Disney episodes. Clearly, I’m missing some great entertainment! There’s an ancient Tony Curtis movie called 40 Pounds of Trouble that shows up every now and then on TV. There’s a chase scene through Disneyland that was filmed back in the very early days of the park. Some of it defies logic and…well…geography, but it’s fun to watch if you ever catch it.

  3. I actually never really liked these episodes that much as a kid — blasphemy, I know, but even then I was a frequent Disneygoer and had a routine and knew things that you could or could not do and I was all like “this could never happen; how did they get there so fast; that ride wouldn’t even be open this time of year” etc. etc. (Yes I was a lot of fun to hang out with and had a lot of friends, thank you for asking.)

    I do remember the “Boy Meets World” episode the best out of all of them, particularly the Fountain of Nations kiss, because that’s downright lovely. I’d maybe try to get Markers to recreate it but usually I’m leaving Epcot after a late dinner ADR on my last full night and I get all emotional and cry a little when I see the Fountain of Nations on my way out so maybe it wouldn’t be the best time for that?


    I saw the “Modern Family” ep where they go to Disneyland; does that count? And I seem to recall the “Family Matters” one. Did Stefan propose, or am I making that up?

    All future boyfriends will now be subjected to the Epcot Test.

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