Je Suis Stupide.

So you may or may not have heard that there might be a Disneyland Paris race in September 2015. If you were bored on Twitter last night you might’ve heard that that really, really, really excited some people. *cough*

For some reason, I started listening to Nena’s 99 Luftballons because I thought, “PARIS! DISNEYLAND! I should listen to a German ’80s song about Cold War tensions and the end of the world!” In my defense, it really is a very good song and my collection of French language music is somewhat lacking. Plus the last time I was in Europe I was in Germany, so it’s basically all the same thing especially if we’re looking at a map from, say, 1943.

I know I could just go to Paris any time I wanted. I know people do that all the time and to go to Paris just to go to Disneyland is kind of ridiculous (to most people), but going to Europe is really expensive. “My airfare could cover a week at the Yacht Club,” expensive. Yeah. Word. I went to Paris once for a total of 4 days when my dad was going for a job interview so we didn’t have to pay for the hotel and/or his airfare. It was before I had a digital camera but suffice it to say it was magical and I ate very well (though to be honest nothing rivals the ready availability of pretzel bread in Heidelberg, Germany. I LOVE PRETZEL BREAD, but crepes with nutella are pretty high up there.).

Either way, if it happens I’m really excited and already in negotiations with the penpal I’ve had since 7th grade re: meeting up in Paris since he lives outside London. That’s right, I’ve had the same penpal since 7th grade AND WE’VE NEVER MET. I actually have a lot of penpals from middle school that I still keep in touch with and unsurprisingly the regular writers are all overachievers later in life.


19 thoughts on “Je Suis Stupide.

  1. Tu n’es pas stupide ! Si tu es stupide, alors je suis stupide. (Je suis en train d’apprendre le francais et c’est tout ce que je peux dire.)

    I didn’t expect to get so insanely excited about evidence this was happening, but I did anyway. I dunno why this JUSTIFIES a trip to Paris for me, but it seems to. Markers and I were talking about going to Paris next year so WHY NOT JUST SNEAK A HALF MARATHON IN THERE RIGHT?! Oh my god. Can’t escape runDisney.

    • YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM RUNDISNEY. I know, right? Normal people would just say, “hey, it’s paris, that’s awesome, let’s go!” I know there’s some financial reason I haven’t gone, I think because I put it off thinking whatever is there now will be there 3 years from now but a race is an actual event? I don’t know.

      Also, for all your French language needs ARTFL.
      I love that site.

      • That’s kinda my line of thinking too, I think. I can always talk myself out of something for financial reasons but when something is a ONE-TIME EVENT (even if it does become an annual thing, which is obviously likely) WELL THEN SIGN ME UP


  2. I’d love to go to Paris, I don’t think I’d be able to do September if there really is a race though. Oh well, hopefully one day I’ll get out to see Disneyland Paris!

  3. 99 Luftballoons is the perfect song to get in your head hearing this news! When I hear the song I picture the scene from Scrubs where JD and his German patient are dancing around to the song playing with red balloons. I imagine the feeling of joy and happiness in that moment is the same as when you heard the news, therefore, perfect song choice.

    And that is awesome that you have pen pals! I’m actually jealous!

    btw, if you need a 3rd, 5th, whatever wheel to crash your RunDisney Paris trip, I’m in!

  4. Oddly, I wasn’t all that thrilled when I heard about this last night. Maybe it’s a little of my jaded-ness with runDisney right now. But I puffy heart Paris with every ounce of my being so I know I’ll eventually come around. 🙂

  5. I would like some pretzel bread. It’s probably a lot better than the goldfish pretzels I’ve been eating tonight. (I have children. They like fun-shaped snacks.)

    RunDisney is as good of an excuse as any to go to Paris, though personally, I would save that money for croissants and wine.

  6. That’s amazing that you’ve had the same penpal since 7th grade! I’ve only been to Paris once, approx 15 years ago. My husband and I keep trying to go but airfare is inexplicably expensive, even relative to the rest of Europe. So we keep not going. Maybe runDisney is the thing that will finally get me to splurge on the flight. That and ham and cheese crepes. Yum.

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