Flights of Fantasy

For the most part, I’m really practical. I have spreadsheets, I like to plan things to enough of a degree that there’s an underlying structure with some built in room for things like spontaneity. I’m also old enough now that I learned things like I can’t eat ice cream all the time and not feel like crap, I go to bed early. And, oh yeah, I watch House Hunters religiously and have really strong feelings about all the houses and house hunters. Walk in closets in a turn of the century home? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Let it go, Nicole, let it go. Moral of the story: I’m getting to the age where home buying is really interesting to me.

So anyway, my impractical side is manifested in a few interesting ways (like the constant desire to go to Disney World). The other is in my desire to move. Despite being the one who more frequently spends time with my parents and is considered closer with my mom than my sister, (and also despite being the person who always just wanted to live in New York) I’m also the only one who has moved to totally new cities/states like Minnesota and now the District of Columbia and ever since high school there was one city in particular I really wanted to move to: San Francisco.

I went in July a few years ago to visit my cousin who was living out there and I loved it. I’ve been to a lot of cities and none of them have ever left me thinking years later, “I would love to live there.” Except San Francisco, and I’m 70-75% certain that isn’t just because it was so cool and almost chilly in July.

Naturally the impractical side of me saw a perfect job opening where I already work but in San Francisco and I applied on Friday and have everything from an apartment to a boat club and running route picked out for when I move there. Because now I pick apartments and neighborhoods based on running routes, that’s just who I’ve become. I ended up in my current apartment in no small part because it was close to the route I really enjoyed when I lived here as an intern, so I’ve got easy access to Capital Crescent, C&O Canal, Mt. Vernon, and Rock Creek park and basically never have to repeat a route in a given week. My lease is up in September and while I’ve been looking around I keep thinking, “Ugh, but that’s not a runner friendly neighborhood.”

Does anyone else fun fake plan? Is that just me?


16 thoughts on “Flights of Fantasy

  1. OMG…if I could tell you all the places I’ve lived in my fantasies! When my job was eliminated in SoCal, I had the opportunity to transfer to San Francisco. It seemed too cold and expensive for me, so I passed. Six months later they eliminated my entire department in the SF office too, so it turned out to be the right decision.
    But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t constantly look at apartments online in different areas and wonder what it would be like to live there.

  2. Ugh. That is one of the things I have always dug about America, vs Canada–there are so many more opportunities to move to different cities…and more importantly climates. 😉 Good luck with your job/apartment/city hunt! 🙂



    Similar family situation too, though it’s become apparent in recent years that my sister is now the favored child because she has always stayed within a few hours’ drive of our Wisconsin hometown, whereas I’ve lived in Minnesota, California and New York since I graduated from high school and go back to Wisconsin less and less often.

    But New York is starting to wear on me and I know Markers is kinda itching to leave, and we both loved California, but we said we’d prefer to live more northernly (SF) rather than southernly, where we lived before (LA).

    ALSO homeownership has very recently become appealing to me. I’ve never in my life thought about “adult things” — weddings, kids, owning a house — but after renting a house through Airbnb for our March trip to Tennessee I can’t stop thinking about it. The space! Your own shit!

    The Bay Area is really great too — some of those small towns are really charming and renting/owning a place is much cheaper than the city, which is only a BART ride away. Plus one of my best friends lives around there, and I already know some excellent running paths.


  4. Ummmm, I plan my life in San Diego, Clearwater (FL) and Barcelona (I know enough Spanish…kinda). I’ve actually looked up houses in Clearwater (driving distance to the beach AND WDW, hello! And a really nice running route along the causeway to Tampa). I even keep checking jobs listings in my company for their office there, but sadly, there are none. I’d like to be a little more proactive about my imaginary life in San Diego and Spain, but those are harder sells on the husband.

  5. When you move I would love to come visit and go to the Disney Family Museum!

    I day dream about moving all the time, mostly because I hate New York but we’re “stuck” here because of my husband’s job. I’d really love to be back up in the New England area. And yes, I also watch home shows all the time and honestly they are just depressing. You see someone buying a mansion in Kansas for the same price I could buy a cardboard box to live in in the area we’re looking. It’s just depressing. Not to mention Westchester taxes. Depressing.

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