I got my bia this week! I ordered it a looooong time ago and it finally showed up. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the bia, it started on kickstarter a little over two years ago and finally went into production and started shipping out this past spring as an alternative to things like Garmin watches.

One of the main selling points for the bia, and what became its tag line, was that “GPS watches just got chicked.” The developers (who are women) gendered their watch female and aimed it at women athletes (and to men, too, but let’s be honest, the bia’s success is heavily dependent upon a uniquely female method of word of mouth  between friends, the establishment of a virtual “community” of bia investors, and a heavy reliance on social media to communicate with their customers). Main selling points were that:

  • the watch would be able to transition seamlessly from water, to bike, to run
  • the watch itself is lighter than a Garmin;
  • the time spent locating satellites would be gone because the “go stick” would provide immediate linking to GPS
  • bia boasted that instead of plugging your watch into you laptop to upload your workout and look at your splits, bia automatically uploads

All of this is great stuff, but not in and of itself something that I would think warranted an upgrade given that my Garmin still functions. The price of bia has steadily increased from the initial kickstarter offering to the current price of $279.99 so relatively speaking it’s not the cheapest option available and they’re still making updates and working out kinks (but they’re insanely good at keeping people posted on what’s going on).

Keep in mind, I don’t really buy things because their female identified but perhaps the most “feminine” feature of the bia was what sold me: the safety features. When I first moved to DC, I was really nervous about running at night, and even after living here for 2 years now I still get nervous out on the C&O Canal and Capital Crescent Trails. Sure, on the weekends when the weather is nice there are plenty of other people out and about but you can go for stretches where it’s not quite as populated and especially on C&O it’s easy to be stuck out there and not really near anything.

So the option to send people a text message with my location that says I’m dying, send someone to help me, was really appealing. This week I’ll be testing out all my exciting new features (especially the SOS) and letting you all know what I think about it.

Anyone else try it out? What do you love/hate about your watch? Do you have one?


7 thoughts on “Bia-utiful

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  2. I know we’ve “twittered” about this, but I’m personally still not sold on the Bia. I know as “backers” we’re getting the product early, but honestly I wish they had things a bit more ready before they sent it out because my first experiences left me thinking the watch didn’t do half of what I had hoped it would. I haven’t used it in awhile so now that they’ve released some updates I should try it again, but as of right now I still have a new Garmin on my wish list for my birthday.

    (And would be happy to sell my Bia if anyone is interested! : )

    • I’ve noticed a few of the things I thought it would do aren’t on the list of things it currently can do.

      The two pieces I can see becoming a real pain in the ass. I already forget to pack my watch half the time, now I can see myself forgetting to pack one piece of the bia and making that useless.

      And the wristband. I really, really hate the wristband. It really bothered my wrist when I rowed this morning, and with the humidity it was even more annoying.

      • Yup, I hate the band. For what I paid I expect more than a long piece of velcro and I hate the 2 pieces as well. I’m frustrated that I “wasted” the money on it, but I’m trying to look at it as I supported a women’s start up. Maybe I’ll learn to love it but I don’t have my hopes up on that one.

      • Yeah, it’s a hard cost to eat and end up with something you don’t like much less love considering I’m really liking the newer garmins. I don’t quite understand why they couldn’t do a regular watch band on the bia, it seems more practical and it can accommodate people with smaller wrists.

        Plus as I was running this morning and it was still dark I realized the watch display doesn’t light up. Or at least, I don’t know how to get it to light up.

  3. I am waiting patiently for mine. I ordered silver and it is on backorder.

    I too was excited about the SOS feature but more drawn in with the fit on the wrist. I’m concerned that it won’t be as comfortable as promised.

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