You know you’re a runner

20140603-212622.jpgHave you ever thought to yourself: hey, I wonder what running through an armpit would feel like? Me neither, but on that note it officially feels like summer in the District so I’m reminded each day.

The crowds of graduates walking around in their regalia have thinned out, the overeager summer interns have arrived in full force, and generally speaking the motion activated lights in the hallways at work are dark with so many people out on vacation. Seeing the young ones makes me somewhat nostalgic for a bygone era and is a reminder of how much older I am. While I was in Central Park this past weekend doing the Celebrate Israel 4 miler, I saw they had started setting up Summer Stage and was reminded that it’s almost 10 years to the day since my friend Giselle and I came in at the end of our senior year of high school and saw the Strokes on that very stage. We were also really excited to be 18 so we could go to Webster Hall and see Franz Ferdinand the week after and as seniors we were ready to go in a school night because, duh, senioritis.

There are also bugs everywhere and as you get sweatier and run they start to stick to you. Also, humidity. Lots of humidity in the summer, too, not just nostalgia for a bygone era that wasn’t that great to begin with. I just stand outside and get covered in a layer of thick, smelly, sweat. Pit stains: the must have summer accessory. Ah, summer runnin’ had me a blast.

20140603-212646.jpgPersonally, I think you can officially call yourself a runner if you make it through the summer season and keep on running. Summer’s the ultimate test of your dedication because it makes even laying outside doing nothing physically taxing. I also think that all races should end with Italian ices like the 5k I did on Saturday. They lacked the soft pretzels of 2013, but they still had the Rita’s ices and delicious smoothies so I was content.

The transition to summer running means accepting my new found limitations. I’m running watchless, and fuck it, I don’t care. I could start getting hysterical over pace, but after my craptastic spring, I’m kind of okay with knowing the distance and just running it however long it takes me. I don’t need to be that person who passed out from heat stroke on the Rock Creek trail and then got run over by a bunch of overzealous cyclists.

If you see that on the news, please send along your condolences to my mother who upon being interviewed will wail, “I told her not to run!”
“Because you were concerned about the heat?”
“No, it was just a general policy. Don’t go run.”

What’s everyone doing to transition to warm weather running? Do you set goals to get through it, like “I will live until September”? Cross train more? Pool running?




16 thoughts on “You know you’re a runner

  1. I basically DIDN’T run last summer which is why I was so scared of my fall races last year. Whenever I did force myself out the door, I got insane ab cramps, even though I tried to be diligent about hydrating. It’s been less of an issue this year, so I’d like to think I’m being better about eating and drinking and listening to my body. Or maybe I’m just adjusting to running in general. My main purpose in using my Garmin during runs is keeping track of my mileage during and after my runs, but it’s totally discouraging to see myself get slower and slower…

  2. I hardly ran at all last summer…despite being registered for the Dumbo Double Dare. But this summer, I have no choice. I registered for a boring bleh half marathon in September for no other purpose than to PR! Can’t PR if I don’t train. If I don’t train, there’s no point doing that (particular) race. But this is not looking good. I had to do 200m runs as part of my CrossFit WOD yesterday and I think I was dying within the first 5 feet. Me and Summer, we’re gonna have some issues.

    I may die before I even get the chance to die attempting Goofy.

  3. There is NOTHING worse than running through an armpit. And there is nothing better than saying FUCK IT and ditching the watch. Me? I’m sucking it up and suffering along until I get “used” to this bullshit. I figure by the time that happens it will be fall and I’ll be in full swing pumpkin-spice overload.

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