I want to ride my bicycle

*Cue Queen*

I’ve never been big on bicycles. My mom has a general policy that I shouldn’t be allowed to operate any kind of vehicle, whether motorized or not, so bikes were never really a big deal. I’m also not one of those people who’s going to wear spandex and shoes that clack on the floor with little mirrors on my helmet. Those people who run you over on trails…


I started looking around for a bicycle because I live without a car and I kind of wanted an easier way to get around the city, especially on weekends. What I’ve learned from this process so far is the following: buying a bicycle is basically the same as buying a car. And the price tag reflects that.

Perusing some websites to see what the price of something I’d be interested in would cost, I saw one that I thought was “cute” and it was, wait for it, $879. YEAH I KNOW RIGHT? FOR SOMETHING I HAVE TO MOVE MYSELF.

So anyway. After visiting the bike store around the corner, I learned that since this would be my main mode of transportation basically what I want is a step through bike, something comfortable and that I can sit upright in (or as I told the owner, “I really just don’t want the bike seat equivalent of a thong, you know what I mean?”), I was told I really, really, really need gears if I want to ride around here, and while I’d love a spiffy color I’d rather not blow every last penny I have on a flashy bike in the event that it gets stolen. (Though all this bike shopping has certainly made me pay closer attention to the bike rack outside Trader Joe’s.)

I am currently soliciting advice/suggestions on bike shopping. Your experiences? Your value priced bikes that were comfortable?


16 thoughts on “I want to ride my bicycle

  1. Try to find a used bike shop. They’re usually in good condition and significantly less expensive than a brand new bike, and the staff will be able to make recommendations based on your needs/wants.

  2. I have a beach cruiser without gears that was $300 that I use for toodling around. A few years ago I had it in my head that I was going to do a tri and bought a road bike from a friend. I think I rode both bikes once last year. I’m glad I didn’t buy a brand new one. Do you have a swap meet? I was at ours a few weeks ago and there was a bike guy with beach cruisers with and without gears running around the $250 mark. Bikes are like anything else. You can spend as much or as little as you’d like. Even Target has them. Shop around and don’t let a salesman talk you into more than you need.

    • Yeah, I’m heading up to Target this weekend. I’d prefer something I could try out first, since it’s expensive to ship and I want it for commuting purposes. Plus my co-worker just sold me on gears. Apparently you need those for going uphill…

  3. I’m actually trying to sell my bike because riding mine in NYC scares me. COME GET MY BIKE. It’s a vintage Raleigh and has a basket and a bell attached!

  4. I wanted a bike for basically the exact same reason. I am not interested in wearing spandex or getting enormous thighs! I have a Specialized Crossroads Sport. Or at least I think that’s the model type. Its definitely a Specialized brand bike. The seat is really wide, which is perfect. And you sit more upright. It is honestly like riding in the Cadillac of bikes. I can’t really remember how much I paid for it. But I want to say between $250-280. There is no way that I paid more than that because I was a graduate student at the time and making peanuts.

  5. My inlaws got me a bike years ago for Christmas. I’m pretty sure it still has the tags on it and now… well, I want a different bike. And I haven’t even rode that one. I basically suck.

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