A Fun Weekend (and a running breakthrough)

20140608-190524.jpgYou know you lead a really exciting life when the highlight of your weekend is that you got through no less than 10 episodes of Murder, She Wrote and you learned that you don’t need to be a Costco member to go into the warehouse and eat all the samples.

Picture it: this woman standing just beyond the huge openings into the Costco warehouse store staring around nervously and trying to figure out if other people are taking out membership cards. She creeps forward tentatively, then stops and glances around again, acting the whole time as if by crossing the Costco threshold she might encounter some force field that throws her from the store and across the parking lot onto the questionably named Jefferson Davis highway.

20140608-190533.jpgI was that woman and I was scared shitless I was going to be asked to leave Costco because I’m not a member. I remember really vividly from my childhood my parents having to show their Sam’s Club card when they went into the store but apparently now warehouse stores will let anybody in and I won’t lie to you, they’ve lost some cache with me now. It used to be not just anyone could walk around the bulk discount underwear and energy bar aisles and sift through the sea of men’s slacks.

Needless to say, Costco does make an amazing bakery and honestly, the produce was a pretty good deal (3 cantaloupes for $7?! I can eat one a day of those!) so I was kinda tempted to get myself a membership. Then I remembered I’m a single person and I live in a studio and don’t have a car so a bulk warehouse membership would be a little much. The whole time my irrational side was yelling, “LOOK! Heavy crap you couldn’t possibly get home without a car!!! BUT IT’S DISCOUNTED!”

20140608-190559.jpgI went for a group run but I wasn’t feeling it so I basically bailed after 2 miles. Yup. I left. After two slow miles. And I didn’t give a shit what the other people thought. I’m so proud of me.

I normally feel like I’m obligated to at least fall bad about my less than stellar running skills but honestly… Maybe it’s because my lackluster spring has left me rethinking my approach to running, but I can’t help really enjoying not running with a watch and just doing whatever I feel like doing. I think I might keep this up even longer.

Oh right, I have three marathons I signed up for… Uh…

Has anyone started their fall marathon training yet?


6 thoughts on “A Fun Weekend (and a running breakthrough)

  1. My marathon training technically started last week, but all I’ve accomplished so far is realizing how out of shape I am and how much work I need to do! So not looking forward to summer running!

  2. I have the same discussion with myself about getting a Costco membership. How much toilet paper does a single person need to stock?

  3. My PR 1/2 marathon training started last week…I did 1 mile as part of a CrossFit WOD. Oops! But I fully intend to shake shack run tomorrow night!

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