Run All the Races. Or Not. Whatever.

Chicago MarathonMy mother has been waging an all out war against the Chicago marathon. We can be talking about something completely unrelated to running, like how I don’t quite have the skills to rent a carpet cleaner for my area rug, and she’ll just throw in, “And by the way, you’re not running Chicago, so forget about it.” Or one time I was sitting on the couch at home watching Portlandia and she just came into the living room and said, “You’re not going to Chicago, right?” And then as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared. It was a rhetorical question; I wasn’t supposed to answer it so much as not fight with her.

Well, it’s looking more and more like I might defer Chicago.

Not because my mother won. No, never, but more for financial reasons and physical reasons. If I really remember back to the Marine Corps Marathon, I will recall that I just don’t recover from a marathon all that quickly. It’s mentally draining. It’s physically draining. And honestly, at this point I don’t want to run any marathons so the idea of running 2 in less than a month is entirely unappealing to me.

So you’ve won this round, mother. Maybe.


11 thoughts on “Run All the Races. Or Not. Whatever.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up–whether you run it this year or next, you are still amazing for even signing up. Listen to your body and take care of it as if you don’t, there will be no more races in your future…just a butt shaped indentation on the couch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It is hard sometimes to understand the balance between wanting to do a race and being able to do a race. I do this all the time. Sign up for a race thinking it is no problem. Next thing I know I am doing 5 halfs in 5 weeks. You forget that your body might need some rest. I am already a little concerned that my fall schedule is too full. I always end up saying “it all seemed like a good idea months ago”. It is hard to remember that you have a life and other commitments. Chicago will be there next year!

  3. I’m very pro-Chicago. It’s an amazing city and I can give you a bunch of restaurant recommendations. But you do have an insane amount of races coming up! I’d say wait until next year to do it and then I’ll try to get in too, haha, but I honestly don’t know if I’ll enter the lottery next year or just focus on making NYC my goal marathon for 2015. I’d also like to do the Twin Cities Marathon someday soon because I’d have places to stay and they have BLUE POWERADE on the course, which is the best sports drink. AND YES THOSE ARE PERFECTLY GOOD REASONS TO RUN A MARATHON. UGH WHY DO ALL THESE MARATHONS HAVE TO BE AT THE SAME TIME I WANT TO DO ALL OF THEM

  4. While I am dying for you to dance down the parade route singing “Twist and Shout” a la Ferris Bueller’s Day Off during your marathon, you need to listen to your body and right now it seems like your body might need some rest. If you can run Chicago, great! If you have to defer, that’s fine too. All that matters is staying healthy. Remember, I need you to carry me across the finish line at the WDW Marathon!

    • I will be the wind beneath your wings at that finish line!

      Someone jokingly said, “Oh, the Disney World marathon, is Mickey Mouse at the finish line?” And imagine her surprise when I said really excitedly, “YES! HE IS! I high five Minnie every year!”

      • I’m am totally singing that song in my head right now (with revised appropriate lyrics!)

        I actually have never gotten to high five Mickey or Minnie in WDW. The one and only time I ever saw a character (or noticed them) was in Disneyland and I high fived ALL of them, because YOU HAVE TO HIGH FIVE THEM!

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