PicMonkey CollageI did it. I bought a bike. I’m actually really, really happy with it despite a few Fraternal Schwinns moments.

Saturday morning I headed to District Hardware/The Bike Shop. It’s a combination hardware store and bicycle shop but more for bike repairs than sales. Neil is the guy who runs the bike part and his brother runs the hardware store. They’re both lovely guys in their 60s and Neil and his son helped me test ride bikes and figure out which one I wanted. 20140615-084802.jpg

I ended up getting a Public C7 step through bike, much like the one my co-worker has except hers is black and mine is fire engine red. Sure, there were other bikes with more flashy features and “lighter frames” but as I said to the guy at the store: “Let’s not beat around the bush: I’m vapid and shallow. I want a spiffy looking bicycle in a great color. Life is too short to sit on one of these boring, colorless bicycles.” He found this really humorous and I think it helped all the mechanics realize that I was getting my money’s worth out of my 1 year of free bike service and repair.

District Hardware/Bike Shop are definitely worth visiting if you need bike repairs in the Foggy Bottom area. Everyone else in there was a repeat customer they knew by name. It was a mix of people who use their bikes to commute (weekday nights the store is full of them) and on the weekends the crowd was more spandex and stupid looking shoes. I just calls ’em like I sees ’em.

The price ended up being the equivalent of what I would’ve paid to get one online, but I got it fully assembled without nicks or dings and with customer service that would’ve totally been worth paying extra for since I have tendency to break bicycles. Right as I was paying for my bike, a woman walked in and said she decided to buy it only I got the last one. Ha.

Riding away from the store I had a Frasier Crane moment when I crashed into a mailbox. Turns out, you can get kind of rusty if you don’t ride for 10 years. I’m thinking of calling it Dimera, after the Dimeras on Days of Our Lives because it’s red like a Phoenix, the Dimera family crest/mascot. And, like a phoenix, it keeps rising from the ashes when I crash into things.




9 thoughts on “My BICYCLE

  1. Love that bike! I hope you have a helmet, so that while you’re crashing into things, your noggin’ is being protected 😉 I had looked into getting a Public C7 as well; but since I never ride a bike, I’m not sure I should spend the money unless I really believe I’ll use it enough to make the cost worth it. I just can’t bring myself to bite the bullet.

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