In It For The Rainbows

Funny story.

You know how people sign up for races supporting all kinds of causes?

I’ve done races to “save the parks,” “celebrate Israel,” “fight cancer,” and “end domestic violence.” No one ever asked me if I was a conservationist, a Zionist, afflicted with cancer, or in an abusive relationship. I did the UAE healthy kidney run two years in a row and when I told my mother about it, not once did she turn to me and say, “is there something wrong with your kidneys?”

But this weekend I have the NYRR LGBT Pride run and whenever I say that’s what I’m doing this weekend there’s a slightly awkward pause. My co-worker was never like, “oh hey, you excited for your super bowl 4 miler this weekend??” But he’s been asking me each day, “you excited for that pride run?!” The best reaction was my mother’s. I mentioned which run it was to my sister so she could pick up my bib and shirt. Apparently, my sister mentioned it to my mother and my mother called to say “why are you doing a gay pride run?”

You can run for just about anything without people asking you if you’re a blind runner or a girl on the run or suffering from prostate cancer but the pride run, that just gets people really concerned.


2 thoughts on “In It For The Rainbows

  1. Pretty sure that would be my mother’s reaction too. She’d probably ask why I wanted to be out there with “those” people. Sometimes sharing information just leads to irritation.

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