NYRR 9+1: Pride Run

20140630-095416.jpgSo far, I haven’t done any new NYRR races for my 9+1 this year. I had the brilliant idea last year of doing every race between March and May and kind of hating myself for it, so this time I spaced them out and my work schedule meant I could make the Pride Run at the end of June. FYI, the Pride Run is my new favorite NYRR Central Park run. Not always, but pretty often, the vibe at a NYRR Central Park race is, “I’m here, let’s just run so I can get my race credit and go to brunch” so the run for the parks and the run to cure kidney disease and the run to celebrate Israel tend to kind of blend together. And then there’s no confusing the pride run with any of the other runs.

First: Rainbows. It is hands down the most colorful race I have ever been to and for that alone I would love this race. If Lisa Frank ever put on a race in Central Park, I feel like this is kind of what it would look like.

20140630-095448.jpgSecond: At the end of the race, there were rainbow Popsicles. RAINBOW POPSICLES PEOPLE. And yes, they were 100% completely and totally amazing and the most delicious thing I have ever tasted at the end of a hot race.

I’m not going to lie, when someone 1/2 a mile from the finish said that the Popsicles were real, I might’ve pushed the pace a little bit more.

Okay, a lot more.

I don’t think I’m overstating this when I say it was pretty amazing and magical compared to a dry boring bagel or the unripened nectarines they were also handing out.

The Popsicles made up for the fact that we had to run the Harlem Hills because the 5 mile course was a little different from the 4 miler course in that it had an extra mile and that extra mile was my least favorite stretch of the park. LEAST FAVORITE. It’s okay, though, because I sang “I hate hills” to the tune of “Let it Go” and all was semi well.

Third: totally awesome shirt. Not only does it too have rainbows but it’s a nice, comfy, light, loose fitting tank top and it’s now my favorite NYRR race shirt.

It made for some really great conversation when my family drove in with me. For the first time in forever, my parents weren’t fighting with my sister about her wedding and about her moving in with her boyfriend before they were married. My sister is moving from the city out to New Jersey with her boyfriend and as I expected so while I was running they were going to start moving some of her crap out of her apartment.

My mother took great issue with the race and extensively lectured me about how to not get AIDS. “Don’t get pinched by anyone, that’s how you get AIDS.” I have no idea what the fuck that meant. No, really, no idea and I honestly wasn’t pushing it. My sister also took it upon herself to tease me and call me a lesbian and back in middle school when she did this I used to yell at her really defensively and this time as I got out of the car and she started in, I just smiled and said, “so what if I am?” and slammed the door in her face. Later that afternoon after we got back from wedding dress shopping, my mother came outside to the porch where I was sitting, casually said, “don’t be a lesbian,” and then walked back inside.

So despite some awkwardness with my family, which was my fault because sometimes I just love baiting them into this kind of crap, the Pride Run was a ton of fun especially when I saw Katherine and there was excited talk about Disney!



5 thoughts on “NYRR 9+1: Pride Run

  1. I’m so jealous! I had really wanted to do this race but the timing was no good. Mmmmm popsicles!

    And seriously, I think your mom and my mom might be the same person some times.

    And yay Disney! I still need to book Kona Cafe!

  2. I so want to run this race – it looks AMAZING. I mean YES, I could just go buy a rainbow popsicle. But why would I want to?

  3. I’m so glad the family drama got to continue after I saw you! I saw my sister after I went home and cleaned up but didn’t tell her my race was pride-themed just to curb basically the exact same conversation that you posted with your family. Not that I don’t think I have extremely valid points, I’m just trying not to be an instigator.

    Also yes how sad was that unripe nectarine? And I’m totally going to sing “I Hate Hills”/”Let It Go” anytime I do hill repeats in the coming weeks.

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