Posted in July 2014


Okay, listen closely: Sharknado 2 was amazing last night and I’m not just saying that because Tara Reid had her hand eaten off and was sure that shark knew her. I don’t want to give anything away in case you didn’t watch it because you supposedly had better things to do but let’s just say … Continue reading

Why won’t you love me, I’m adorable

Why won’t you love me, I’m adorable

It’s no secret that I’m ready to get myself into a relationship. I’ve been on websites trying to meet someone, I’ve been actively working on something that I’ve only passively been thinking about for awhile now and I just think that it is time. It’s time I stopped mooching off of other people’s relationships, coveting … Continue reading

Alcohol and Me

I was once a really strange person in that I never get drunk. In fact, I’ve never been able to drink alcoholic beverages because all I taste is this bitter, acidic, boozy flavor that just makes me want to gag and it never really seemed worth it to drink other things to cover up the … Continue reading

I won’t keep you in suspense!

We got our asses kicked. 3 out of 4 sets we lost, badly, BUT WE WON THE LAST ONE! With only six people rowing to their 8 because someone’s seat broke! So yeah, little victories. Photos and details to come this week.

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow morning we’re having our first “scrimmage” race against another team of crappy rowers. Naturally that means tonight everyone’s going to a bar to celebrate our coach’s birthday with alcohol and fried foods. Yup, we’re the world’s greatest rowing team!

that time I flipped over

Lest you feel like I’m some kind of uber coordinated, athletic person, I am going to tell you about what happened to me in rowing yesterday morning. We had enough people to fill two boats and were racing by pairs when it came to our turn, I was ready to go. Now, an important detail … Continue reading

A #chewsday in my tummy

Funny story, I found myself in a group of ladies who are keeping each other accountable for healthy eating. Thanks, Lisa. So here’s my slightly delayed #Chewsday reflection. I feel like if I help keep other people accountable, that means I can go home and have fries and feel less guilty because I helped other … Continue reading

Buying Points

I was raised by people who were convinced that vacation clubs were basically giant ponzi schemes and I personally have enough commitment issues (and financial issues) that joining the Disney Vacation Club never really seemed like a good idea to me. Though I think we all know that you’re officially a mature adult when the … Continue reading