On the Sunny Side of the Street

I love summer.

It’s seersucker season in DC. 20140714-154801.jpg

Summer in DC really fulfills my constant desire to just be enveloped in a hot, wet blanket made of itchy material that I can never get away from. Even when I’m indoors, I find it so refreshing that I’m constantly feeling a film of moisture everywhere and on everything. It’s like you never stop sweating! And speaking of sweating, have I mentioned how much I love to accessorize everything with sweat stains? I can’t tell you how many people compliment me on my boob sweat stain that just shows up on everything I wear because it can’t be helped. I walked about 25 minutes each way to pick up real Popsicles and ate three of them as I walked home. Don’t judge me. I also stopped at the Dupont Circle farmers’ market and picked up zucchini flowers! For the first time ever I made them for myself and they were delicious and totally worth having everything in my apartment smell like deep fried oil for the next two months. There might’ve also been some zucchini corn fritters that also tasted amazing.20140714-154810.jpg

My first week of “run less, run faster” marathon training ended with a long run so slow I could’ve crawled faster. Not going to sugarcoat this: those 8 miles were miserable and at the end I seriously thought I might pass out and die. I was doing okay during the week but on Saturday I started around 8:30 and quickly realized I’d started too late. IT WAS 8:30 IN THE MORNING AND I HAD WAITED TOO LONG TO GO RUN. I remembered that the reason I got up early last summer wasn’t to beat the heat because the heat never goes away (did I mention the highs all last week were in the low 90s?) or the humidity (because that never seems to go away either) but because I need to be out when the sun isn’t.

The C&O Canal wasn’t as shady as I’d remembered it for some reason, plus it’s not paved so I kept tripping on rocks and shit but it was all good because it’s an out and back so I have no choice but to finish my 8 miles or there’s no other way to get home.

The thing that is getting me about the whole “run less, run faster” method is that basically the heat just makes me want to NOT RUN AT ALL. In fact, it has me seriously reconsidering this whole fall marathon thing because all I want to do is just sprawl out in a dark cave somewhere that’s incredibly cool and dry. I’m trying not to beat myself up over my long run times–the weekday runs have been more or less on target, so that’s mildly reassuring, and honestly I’m aiming for completion at this point. Summer = Survival mode for running. I also saw this little beauty on a car near the Georgetown Waterfront and I can’t help but feel like we’re all linked in our terrible love of runDisney. 20140714-154830.jpg

And to boot, this bus was parked there, too, as if to say “Don’t worry, soon you’ll be at EPCOT enjoying food & wine.” (It was registered in Tampa/Orlando according to the side of the bus and I’ve been seeing a lot of them so I’m close to just saying, “so, will you guys just give me a ride to EPCOT? I’m pretty sure we all know that’s what you were ripping off.”)20140714-154822.jpg


15 thoughts on “On the Sunny Side of the Street

  1. I’ve been running less and running slower … sleeping too late and giving up on running after a few miles in, or not even heading out the door at all. Oops. I always say I’m going to be diligent and actually train this time BUT GODDAMMIT SUMMER HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS

    Also my STRESS FRACTURE-ESQUE SHIN PAIN RETURNED AS OF YESTERDAY, so it looks like it’s back to KT Taping and the constant fear of death-injuries

  2. I have a half marathon in September that I registered for purely as a PR attempt and well, ummmm, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to train for those right?!?! This summer is sucking my will to live (as well as my will to run).

    Not to mention, technically, Goofy training was supposed to have started. I’m doomed.

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