Okay, I’ll run it

I never wanted to run the Princess 1/2 marathon. I always said it was the one I never wanted to do because I’m not big on women’s races or tutus or princesses.

So naturally when someone somewhere on the internet said the theme this year would be Frozen, I decided I’m doing the Glass Slipper Challenge with Kellie and and being a parasite on the butt of Lisa’s group of Amazing Running Canadians or Can-Am  (it’ll be written in puff paint so it’s basically non-negotiable). As with all my Disney related decisions lately, this one was made on (where else?) Twitter. I really need to stop using that thing.

I’m actually kind of excited about this as I’m pretty much always excited for an excuse to go to Disney World and I always need something to get me through the summer. Granted, when February rolls around and I’m still sleep deprived from Dopey I might have a different tune but for now I’m kind of excited for it and already starting to think about hotel rooms. I can choose to ignore all the total lack of gender neutrality and instead focus on a) not having to run a marathon and b) being done each day with the runs in time for breakfast. And hey, maybe I’ll serve as a good this-is-how-you-run-without-being-a-bitch-to-everyone-everywhere role model.

FYI, I’m still not wearing a tutu.


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