I’m weak of will, I know it.

I signed up for the Princess 1/2 Marathon. I know, I said women’s races weren’t my thing and I hate wearing tutus and this is the one race I was always all, “I’m never going to run that because, bo-ring.” So I signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge. And the 5k. I did this like I’ve been making all my Disney decisions lately, namely through twitter and the strategic application of peer pressure.

But, see, here’s the thing. Tuesday night, Lisa made a really good suggested for a cupcake recipe so by default when she said she was coming down and bringing a Canadian hoard with her just for this weekend, I knew she must be right about it. Right? Because good judgement about where to get baking recipes naturally means I should go spend $300 to run two races in 1 weekend. So I saw this in my mind: Maleficent_ButtonAnd then it just sort of snowballed and AT THE SAME TIME as if by fate, Kellie had signed up, too, so it was like IT WAS MEANT TO BE.And Can-Am was born and it’s like we’re basically the World Showcase but RUNNERS. Martin Short would be so happy right now.

Naturally, about two seconds after I registered to run I immediately transitioned to talk of breakfast. Another motivator is that my sister, who I think is kind of disappointed that she’s missing out on my marathon weekend 2015 and Wine & Dine because of her “I hate races” mentality quickly jumped on board and said she would come so Art of Animation Little Mermaid room has been booked. Ariel:Flounder

And did I mention that I read on the internet in a totally unreliable place from a totally unreliable person that it’s Frozen themed this year? So basically, my attitude towards all the non-gender neutral aspects of the Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend is:

Basically, I really need to get over this girl crush I have on Elsa because 8 months later I still love Frozen and no, I’m still not sick of let it go.

And I’m seriously thinking that just because, I’m going to dress as a prince for the races instead of as a princes so let’s get ready to fuck shit up because you know I’m going for everyone’s favorite dumbass with a flute.


26 thoughts on “I’m weak of will, I know it.

  1. I still can’t believe we both signed up! We are insane! I think we need to go to Frozen Anonymous or something because this obsession has clearly gotten the better of us (btw, was totally watching Frozen on TV last night…again…because it’s FROZEN). And least you have a room! I have NO idea what the hell I’m doing. Seriously, sleeping on Splash Mountain sounds like a viable plan right now lol

    On the plus side, I am SOOOOO looking forward to Lisa’s baked goods!

  2. I think I just need to take a break from reading blogs for a little while because all this Disney Princess/Glass Slipper stuff is making me SO JEALOUS. While the credit card bill will suck a whole lot, you’re going to have all the fun, and run all the miles! I can’t wait to see prince Eric pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I watched Frozen while making brunch for the team and then watched it after they left, while I did the dishes. lol.

    P.S. I’m so excited to meet you guys IRL AND give you baking! It is going to be fab! Plus, I think we have to meet up for a post race brekkie at one point! Maybe after the 10K? Tonga toasts?

  4. Can you do one of your patented prince blog-post rants on Shang from Mulan? I just watched that movie the other day and was thinking about how, although I freaking love that movie and Mulan is the definition of a BAMF, the whole he-might-have-been-attracted-to-her-while-she-was-dressed-as-a-dude thing is so hilarious. It’s like a the end he’s like, “Oh wow, you’re a girl. That’s a relief.” I feel like that is absolute comedy gold.

    Plus the whole bit with the panda. And making a man out of people.

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