Seize the good weather: Marathon Training Week 2

It doesn’t feel like a wretched inferno outside!!!

It’s a miracle! Here I was, walking around thinking how great the weather was and some people were here from San Francisco and they immediately started saying how disgusting it was and I said, “wait? What? no, no, no, it’s gotten better! This is great!” Anyway, from my point of view this weather was not to be missed so I crammed in all my runs on three more or less gloriously mild and low humidity days.

And FYI, I fucking nailed it.

I chose a time goal based off of my last 5k, and while that wasn’t exactly a PR race, I feel pretty good about the times I’ve chosen because I’ve learned that I need to be a) realistic about what I can run, b) accept that this is what I can run and embrace it, and c) roll with the flow of summertime running. Since the Run Less, Run Faster method is all based off of times and paces, I was happy picking something I could rate as “comfortable hard” to ward off frustration and annoyance. Frustration means I’ll inevitably just give up and move on to something else, so goal #1 was to prevent that.

The result: I nailed every. single. pace. and I felt good about it. Typically, I even averaged about 15 seconds under the recommended pace and my long run ended up being something of an 8 mile tempo run with one mile at the recommended pace but going up a steep, pain in the ass hill. The added layer is that I was wiped out from my week of rowing, which has gotten increasingly more difficult as we prep to race and I start getting more comfortable with sculling and really start pushing it.

I don’t know, I feel like this was the week for things to fall into place. Work went well, I’m getting really excited about the Princess 1/2 weekend and incredibly excited about the delightful people that now make running Disney even more fun (aaaah #buttcape), and the weather showed me that I can run the paces I need to when it’s not 90 degrees and/or 100% humidity.

So let’s take a moment and be positive: what’s something that went well this week?



12 thoughts on “Seize the good weather: Marathon Training Week 2

  1. My success for the week is that I finally went to the dentist to get some minor cavities filed after rescheduling the appointment for 3 months. And I didn’t scream, yell obscenities at them or freak out at any point. Not running related. But it was a success in my book.

  2. Congrats on the amazing runs! Woohoo! And ummm, something that went well this week? I’m going to have to go with the creation of #buttcape (although I wanted to be Edna and say “No capes!” but #buttcape is just to awesome to do that to.) Let It Go at karaoke is a close second.

      • Bahahah! This week..umm…getting my run club registered for Princess…the week went downhill after that. Onward and upward. 🙂 Oh and side note, are we all doing #buttcapes now? I feel like we need a prettier word for it so it can catch on at future races…..umm…#runtrains?

        Oh and side note, I might bring a bag of glitter with me to the start–was inspired by the idea of glitter bombs by doing the colour run today. Yay!

      • a) glitter sounds like an amazing wonderful idea.
        b) I don’t know, I already feel really committed to the #buttcape, it’s like a fun, superhero version of a bustle and who can’t get BEHIND that? ah? ah? see what I did there??

  3. Yay, go you! I’ve been seriously struggling with the humidity up here, but this week was definitely a little better. I really need to start doing some speed work though, I have totally been neglecting it since my runs have felt tough enough!

    My good this week is that a neighbor told Jason that we were “such a cute athletic couple always going for runs and bike rides together” – it totally made my day!

    • I really think “run less, run faster” was intended for ideal weather running because speed work when it’s 95% humidity is not possible.

      Not only are you the cute athletic couple but you’re keeping the beaches safe by advising people how to secure their beach umbrellas!

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