Trends in Running Advice

Have you ever noticed that in a given month there are about 5 different places you’ll read the same kind of running related advice?

The running advice trend I noticed this month is that we should all shower with our running clothes one. Apparently, it saves you money on your laundry bill and it makes your sports bras last longer.

As someone who doesn’t have their own washer/dryer so I do laundry once a week in the basement, my observation is that yes, my running clothes smell pretty bad and can become somewhat pungent and fermented after a week in the laundry basket. Despite this reality, I have no desire to shower in my running clothes and I doubt that doing so would stop me from washing said clothes in a regular washing machine at week’s end anyway.

The best part of a run, especially in the summer time, is the post run shower. Don’t even try and refute that simple fact, I think it’s written on a stone tablet somewhere as irrefutable. The wonderful feeling you get from peeling off those disgusting, rank smelling clothes that just make you want to vomit and then getting out of the shower CLEAN and FRESH. Aaaah, doesn’t that feel amazing? I don’t know, I feel like this is lost if I’m undertaking this cleaning process with the filthy clothes still on me.

But, after giving it quite a bit of thought because that’s what I do now, give things a lot of thought, I will say the following: perhaps showering with my sports bra in the summer could have certain benefits for… say… avoiding the horrible burn of chafing? I don’t know, I have no scientific proof for this but it is something I’ve considered.

Survey: Would you do this? Do you do this? Is it better than showering like a normal person?


16 thoughts on “Trends in Running Advice

  1. No. No. No. My favorite part of working out is peeling the stinky clothes from my body and shedding them on the floor before I get in the shower. The worst part of it is when the sports bra does NOT want to come off your body though. And you do that weird dance in the bathroom and think that you might just have to live with it forever.

  2. Who is giving this advice? Who showers with their clothes on? How are you supposed to get CLEAN? Which is the whole PURPOSE of a shower. People are strange…

  3. I have not heard about this. It sounds crazy! I feel like it would stretch your sports bra out but you would still be sweaty in the end. Strange.

  4. Maybe it’s more of a you get it “rinsed” during your first few moments in the shower, then you take in off when you are in there? I have heard that it is a good idea to rinse out your sports bras (and swimsuits) right after workouts because the salt and bacteria (or chlorine in the case of a swimsuit) cause massive breakdowns in the elastics…but never a full shower being a substitute for laundry. ugh.

  5. NO! A hot shower, chafing and all, is my reward for a hard workout! On the other hand, when I travel and only have 1 sports bra with me – I throw the bra in the shower with me and wash/stomp on it. I found a while ago that dirt and stink have less to do with soap/detergent and more with friction & motion. Hang to dry and you’re ready for the next adventure! 🙂

  6. Okay, never heard of this particular little ditty. Peeling off all that sweaty nastiness and scrubbing myself silly with a shower poof and any one of a varieyy of BBW shower gels is one of the highlights of my post-run happy time. Sad, I know. But damn do I smell dee-lish-ous afterwards!

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