A #chewsday in my tummy

Funny story, I found myself in a group of ladies who are keeping each other accountable for healthy eating. Thanks, Lisa. So here’s my slightly delayed #Chewsday reflection.

I feel like if I help keep other people accountable, that means I can go home and have fries and feel less guilty because I helped other people be better people so that burns calories, right? I’m selfless like Mother Theresa, especially when I eat the fries no one else wants to finish because, you know, “calories” or whatever and I’m saying, “there are starving people in this world who would kill to have a french fry, shame on all of you!” As I hog the fries because the cafeteria at work recently reintroduced WAFFLE FRIES. Waffles, fries, I mean it’s the marriage of two wonderful things.

This weekend was insanely healthy:
I dumped a fun size bag of M&Ms into a single pouch of peanut butter. Portion control!
I drank lots of water, which was unrecognizable because I added so much crystal light to it, but still. Hydration!
I had onion rings and a falafel burger for dinner but I stopped halfway through the onion rings and then waited a good 10 minutes to finish them off. Willpower!
I walked around the Dupont Circle farmers’ market eating all their samples which all happened to be fruits and veggies so healthy snacking was accomplished. Good choices! Free lunch!

I always feel like I don’t eat that much crap and then yesterday I made 2 trips to the Italian ice truck that was parked outside our building for strawberry lemon ice and a pina colada ice. In my defense, someone else saw my ice and wanted one and I wasn’t going to walk all the way out there and just not get anything. Let’s just say the frequent buyer cards are basically my new most favorite thing ever.


9 thoughts on “A #chewsday in my tummy

  1. Ummmm, what happens to ice when it melts? It’s water! Therefore Italian Ice consumption also equals hydration! Duh! You were just getting your water intake via an alternative method.

  2. I think I told you what I ate all weekend…including those damn peach cobbler cinnamon buns. Comparatively speaking, you were an eating saint! P.S. I want some of that ice stuff right now. Not only because it sound delicious, but it could also double as a cold compress on my head. lol.

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