that time I flipped over

Lest you feel like I’m some kind of uber coordinated, athletic person, I am going to tell you about what happened to me in rowing yesterday morning.

We had enough people to fill two boats and were racing by pairs when it came to our turn, I was ready to go. Now, an important detail to note is that you use shoes that are in the boat and bolted to what are called foot stretchers so depending on your foot size you either wear your shoes inside the shoes or just socks, and they fasten with velcro straps across the top because our boat is crapola at any given time 50% of them are broken in some capacity. My feet are at that tipping point where with my converse they’re a little tight but without they really don’t fit (and I’m a size 9 wide shoe).

Anyway, I’d taken my sneakers off because they had sufficiently rubbed the skin off of my feet and were nice and painful and getting bloody by the time my partner and I started rowing.

We were all in, the two women who want to row a 35 stroke rate all the time because patience and control are not words in our rowing vocabulary.

One foot came out of the shoe. I was like, fuck it, gonna keep going.

Second foot came out out of the shoe. I was still like, fuck it, no stopping!

One strong drive later my feet were in the air, my ass was off the seat, and I came close to kicking 4 seat in the face.

But I got my shit back together. I got back to rowing.


Best moment when you thought you were done for but YOU CAME BACK TO WIN?


9 thoughts on “that time I flipped over

  1. Dude, that’s hard core! I’m super impressed you still won. I’ve never really had a moment where I thought I was going to bite it and then won–I usually bite it and get pissed and stop.

  2. I love this story. I have never had a moment like that when I all of a sudden recovered. However. I did get sufficiently pi**ed off at myself during the Asheville Half and that made my a** get back in gear so I could win my AG. And best of all, I beat a women from Asheville by like 30 seconds!

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