Week 3 of Marathon Training: Is It November Yet?

20140620-072229.jpgSunday is typically when I check out the weather for the week and decide on my plan for running days since I’m trying to get all the runs in during the week so I can be really super lazy on the weekends. And by really super lazy I mean stay in bed past 6am.

This week the weather wasn’t amazing, but it was totally craptastic, either, and I managed to do my “track” workout on the treadmill since the weather at 6pm was 93 degrees and I figured that was probably not a good idea for speedwork. Or any work aside from consuming something frosty that might potentially result in brain freeze.

Tip for Run Less, Run Faster training: My first impulse was to of course go with something really, really ambitious. It’s helped a lot to set a more realistic goal and actually finish my runs faster than I need to, even though that maybe defeats the purpose. I frustrate really easily with running, especially in the hot summer months, and I still give each run everything I’ve got on that day, but I think realism is a good thing with this program. Screen shot 2014-07-27 at 8.28.36 PMThe best feeling was taking on Massachusetts Ave going north and not stopping or falling behind my goal pace on my long run. I know NYC has hills, so I’m actively trying to not avoid areas I know have a steep incline on my non-speed, non-tempo run. I run up them with what I’m sure is a maniacal smile huffing and puffing and muttering under my breath, “I love hills, hills are just so much fun, hills hills hills! The hills are alive! And so is my ass, oh man this hurts…”

I’m doing weekday long runs for as long as possible because I love being able to sleep in on the weekends. And by sleep in I mean wake up at 6am but still kind of lay around in bed doing nothing aside from reading and watching television for another 5 hours. IT’S GLORIOUS to not have to wake up early and be anywhere two whole days out of the week. Delightful. In fact, it’s what I think about when I do my long runs on weeknights when I’m tired and just want to go home and relax on the couch after work. “Just think how nice it’ll be when you sleep in and stay lazy those extra hours on the weekend…” And Sunday morning I just sit in bed thinking, “oh yeah, this is amazing.”

I know there’ll be good weeks and bad weeks, but I think overall week #14 of my training for the NYC Marathon was a good one. Or at least I keep telling myself I just registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge so I better fucking love running.

How’s race training going, people? ARE WE EXCITED? ARE WE PUMPED? ARE WE AWESOME?


19 thoughts on “Week 3 of Marathon Training: Is It November Yet?

  1. I’ve done my long runs during the week…though never in the twenty mile range..but def. in the 10-16 mile range. I am the same, re: liking sleeping in. I do everything I can to preserve my one sleep in day on Sunday…I love it so, so, so much. 🙂

  2. I liked the book and it made me rethink the garbage runs I previously did. I can’t say I am PUMPED yet for all my races and GSC seems like a year away and I have 4 Disney races before that one. I fear the burnout of Disney coming…. With that said when is Tinkerbell registration? 🙂

  3. I think if I did a weekday long run, I’d never get to sleep in order to get up for my craptastic job at oh-its-so-you-know-what-early every morning. And the worst side effect of this craptastic job? I CAN’T sleep past 6;30 on the morning on those blessed weekends! Which normally wouldn’t be so bad, except neither the hubby nor the Mutt can seem to grasp the concept of “it’s the WEEKEND, it’s still dark out so shut the heck up”. But then I get sad puppy dog faces from both of them. Geesh, I’m such a pushover….

  4. My current love/hate hill? Up 23rd from Lincoln to GW Hospital. Massachusettes Ave is harder bc it’s longer. You’re awesome!

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