“I have to warn you, you might not want to go there.”

20140714-154830.jpgWhen you’re a runDisney person, there’s always that awkward moment when you meet someone new and you’re trying to decide if you should come out of the closet or not. They haven’t been to your house yet, so maybe they haven’t seen your medal rack. Or if you drive, maybe they haven’t seen your car so they don’t know that it’s covered in mouse ear shaped mile markers with random numbers on it, or maybe they haven’t seen enough of your wardrobe to realize, no really, you can go 2 weeks and just keep wearing different race shirts. It doesn’t matter what kind of social situation it is–whether it’s a date or just a friend or even a running group introduction, how do you let people know, “I love Disney, I love runDisney, and this is actually a surprisingly substantive part of my life and I even have friends I’ve made just through this one activity, and I blog about it on a regular basis.”

Even when they’ve run Disney and say, “oh yeah, I did the marathon there in 2012!” You’re not sure if you should say you did the marathon, too, and include that you’re going on year 3 of doing that marathon, year 2 of doing the Dopey Challenge, and oh yeah you do a minimum of two other races in Disney in a calendar year.

A runner recently informed me that they did the marathon and the Princess 1/2 two years ago, and I had a Matrix moment. Either I could and let her know I had more than just a passing fancy in Disney races, or I could play it cool and say “oh yeah, I run them on occasion, the marathon’s fun…” Like I’m not really excited to be dressed like Donald Duck and standing next to him at the end of the 10k and just thinking, I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!



Then there are the Disney people who don’t get the running part and you’re like, “No, you don’t stop in the park, you run through it, and it’s amazing” and they look at you skeptically–they’re dressed like a Jungle Cruise Skipper and collect pins as though they were the lost treasure of One-Eyed Willie and you’re the batshit crazy one in this scenario.

Honesty, I think, is the best policy, though, and if you really like something it’s good to be upfront about it. I’m not saying you should try waving and starting to talk to people wearing run Disney shirts while they’re out for their run because this is not always meant with a warm smile…




15 thoughts on ““I have to warn you, you might not want to go there.”

  1. This is so funny! I have never done a run Disney event, but I feel that I learned quite a bit about them through reading running blogs. A few weeks ago one of my Co workers said if she ever ran a marathon it would be the one at Disney World. I was like, girl you have no idea.

  2. Ummmm, yeah, I think I just get sooooooooo excited about the mention of Disney or RunDisney, I can’t help but let my freak flag fly. So basically, I’m pretty sure that anyone who has met me EVER knows. Cue: “…well now they know, LET IT GO”

    It all always comes back to Frozen.

  3. I’m gonna take Lisa’s advice and start a savings account just for Disney and put $1 in for every mile I run. Motivation to run more and sign up for runDisney. BOOM. I’m tired of being the only accountabilibuddy who’s a runDisney virgin.

  4. My boyfriend knows about my WDW love and event wants to go sometime in the future (like I’d date someone who doesn’t, psh), and he even knows I runDisney. Haven’t done more than very obliquely mention my blog, though…

  5. Ha! I feel the same way! Plus, when I’m trying to date, I almost feel like I need a RunDisney addict disclaimer. WARNING: Dating this girl means at least one of your vacations (if not 2 or 3) a year will be spent at a Disney theme park during a race weekend. If you’re willing to attend and/or race, you might be the one.

    I don’t feel the need to defend my crazy habit but there are times when my friends really think I’m weird because in their minds, why does an adult without children love going to DL or WDW so much? I can’t make them understand.

    • Sure, fantasy is great when you’re 5. But you know when you really need fantasy? When you’re working all week, you can’t stand your boss, and the reality that the rest of your life will be spent at a desk in a room with no windows doing other people’s bitch work. Now I legitimately need a fantasyland.

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