Why won’t you love me, I’m adorable

It’s no secret that I’m ready to get myself into a relationship. I’ve been on websites trying to meet someone, I’ve been actively working on something that I’ve only passively been thinking about for awhile now and I just think that it is time. It’s time I stopped mooching off of other people’s relationships, coveting what they have and threatening to steal their significant other. It’s time I got one of my own.

And of course I’m talking about getting a dog.

It’s a given that when the time comes, I will adopt so I’m spending my free time on petfinder.com basically falling in love with every damn dog.
I think I want an older dog, someone who’s chill, and mellow, but loves a good snuggle. Maybe someone who wants to go on runs? I wouldn’t be opposed to getting a dog jogging stroller, let’s be honest, I’m one of those people.

But god dammit, why do apartment buildings hate dogs so much?!

I told myself when I moved into this apartment that the only reason I’d move would be if a) my landlord jacked up my rent or b) I decided I needed a pet friendly place because I was ready to settle down with a four legged life partner. And I’m so ready to have some of this back in my life that I started actively looking for an apartment that would welcome a dog.

Coco loves her Flounder.

Coco loves her Flounder.

I JUST WANT TO RUB SOMEONE’S BELLY, DAMMIT. No, really, anyway. I talked with my parents about it and while I wouldn’t be opposed to getting a cat, I also realize that basically I’m more of a dog person. Also, my parents would be more welcoming of a granddog than they would of a grandcat (though I keep insisting they would learn to love their grandkitty, Sir Sparkles) so I wouldn’t have to worry about kennels, because it would be time to visit camp grandma/grandpa and let’s be honest I’d rather not leave my little lovebug in a kennel. And let’s be honest, if I showed up at my mom’s with a Maltese it’s debatable whether or not she’d ever give them back to me or just hold on to them and sob, “oh, Coco!”

But for some reason, in DC apartment buildings don’t like dogs. I don’t understand it–I see people out with dogs all the time walking around. They have their dogs in parks, on sidewalks, they throw their happy dog relationships in my face all the time and yet, every time I look at an apartment building I can afford the landlord/leasing agent/real estate agent’s all, “Oh, no, sorry, no dogs. Must hate dogs to live here.” Okay, so they don’t say “must hate dogs,” but that’s basically the message I’m getting. No wonder people lie about having dogs that are for special needs, how else are you going to get a cuddly companion to live with you? Seriously. Plus, there are other places that charge a monthly “pet rent,” and I’m like: Wait a minute, you wouldn’t charge me extra to have another person in the apartment but a dog who doesn’t use any utilities you’re going to charge me for?

I’m inherently skeptical of people who dislike animals, and I question your sanity if you can see a dog and not immediately love them, so I have no idea what everyone’s dog problem is but it needs to get solved now because I’m ready for a little buddy.

Tips for renting with a dog?


20 thoughts on “Why won’t you love me, I’m adorable

  1. Been there. What is it about building owners that they have such a hatred for our better halves? Guess we can thank all the bad owners out there who never took the time to train their critters and let them destroy everything in sight while making a boatload of noise. I propose a dog friendly house, perhaps in the middle of Animal Kingdom, with enough room inside and out for all the accountabilibuddies to live in. Of course with an allergy-free wing for Lisa to bake our cupcakes.

  2. I want a dog toooo! So, so badly! But we get to have adopted dogs while we’re living with Ben’s parents–they have a mutt and a Brittany spaniel. Hooray for puppy snuggles! I hope you can work it out!

  3. You know that I love dogs! I have never had a problem finding something reasonable rent wise and I’ve had a dog in rental units for 5 years. But I don’t live in dc, so I’m sure it’s different. Maybe you can contact the landlords and ask them straight out if you can have a dog and that it would not be a puppy. Sometimes they will work with you if you seem reasonable and responsible. Especially if you want a smaller dog. I had some issues with weight limits because my dog is over 50 pounds. And I did have to pay a non refundable pet deposit but not extra monthly pay rent. But if the landlords so no, there’s not much you can do. Good luck!

  4. I WANT A DOG! Seriously, every year for Christmas I would ask for a puppy, and what would I get? My dad would get me every dog related toy there was, he even got me a Pet-Loving Barbie! Like dammit! I don’t care if Barbie loves pets, I LOVE PETS! I WANT A DOG! I always told myself that as soon as I moved out, I would get a dog…and of course, I live in a no pets allowed apartment! Grrrr. To make matters worse, my mom now wants to get a dog. HELL NO! I asked my entire life for one and when I’m gone you get one?!?! Come on!

    There is clearly only one solution. We open an apartment building where you HAVE to have a pet in order to live there! Screw you no pets allowed people!

  5. The new apartments in South West and South East DC mostly accept pets, but an even better bet is to go through a property management agency and find a condo or row house where you can negotiate with a person instead of a management company. (DC Living is who I went through most recently, but I’ve gone through Evolve DC, too.) You’re less likely to have to pay pet rent (insert eye roll) that way, too. I’ve got a great furry running buddy, though the lack of yard means no days off, even in the rain and snow.

  6. Also, I’m another DC runner (South West waterfront) and recent RunDisney person. Did Tinkerbell and Princess Halfs this year [would have been Glass Slipper except that I was running on a dislocated tibia and had to make a choice] and running Avengers this year. Goofy and Glass Slipper next year, probably Tinkerbell and Avengers again, too. If you want to borrow a dog to run with, mine never gets enough!

    • I think I sense a group Disney run with an adorable dog in the future! I haven’t spent much time on the southwest waterfront, what are your favorite running areas? I’m looking to change things up a little bit now that I’m sufficiently sick of the routes I have now.

      • South West has some great running, and if you do Hain’s Point and the 14th St Bridge often enough, they’re not so bad during the races that use them (Cherry Blossom, ATM, MCM). It’s also very central, connects everywhere. For short runs, the Mall, Tidal Basin, monuments. Longer runs I can go across the 14th St Bridge to the Mt. Vernon Trail or around Hain’s Point, along the Potomac and head up into Rock Creek Park or through Georgetown to the Capital Crescent Trail. My hill repeat workouts right now are up Capitol Hill on/near Independence Ave SW. The waterfront area along the wharf used to be nice but it’s blocked off for the next couple of years – the bits of the Anacostia Trail along the water by Ft. McNair and then back behind Nats Stadium and the Navy Yard is nice, too.

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