Posted in August 2014

And the world will know

I had a slight altercation at the lunch table. Tiny. Maybe. The thing is, I’m happy to mock and be sarcastic and facetious. It’s in my nature. But generally speaking, I do so in a manner that’s not really singling people out or trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves. I elevate self-deprecation to … Continue reading

THIS is how you long run

First, when it’s a cutback week you need to add 5 miles to the run despite the exhaustion your legs have been feeling all week because dammit you’ve got better things to do next weekend than run 15 miles. The night before, try out your new diet of not eating anything because you’ve decided you’re … Continue reading

The week the legs died

This is what I thought about on this weekend’s 15 mile long run. It seemed natural to substitute Mickey Mouse for Satan in the song. Go figure. I sung it to myself to the tune of Don Mclean’s “American Pie.” A long long time ago, when I can still remember how that PR time used … Continue reading

Signs to runDisney by

Signs to runDisney by

The start of the runDisney season is next weekend with the Disneyland Half Marathon and Other Assorted Running Distances. I enjoy making signs for races, and if I weren’t always running Disney I would put a lot of effort into cheering Disney, so here are some signs I would be out on the course with … Continue reading

Conceal don’t feel

Fear is a good thing. It keeps us alive. It keeps us from doing stupid things. My mother was a big advocate of scaring the shit out of your kids to keep them from doing things like walking on the grass. Walking on the grass was a death sentence, Lyme disease would kill you and … Continue reading

Runner State of Mind: I’m Fun at Failing

Runners have a certain attitude that is not necessarily prevalent in other sports. Like, you can “win” at losing. Let’s be realistic, even runners that people like me think are super fast, they are not winning a race outright any time soon. It’s the difference between, say, minor league, major league, and peewee baseball. Sure, … Continue reading

I try not to be hostile

Twitter is amazing. I have lots of fun conversations with people on twitter. But if you piss me off, shit’s going to get hostile real fast. LIKE REAL FAST. And the best part is that basically everyone can see your complaint so while no one ever responds to an email, on twitter they get back … Continue reading