I do this so I feel superior.

Let’s be honest, people who work out in the morning are obnoxious about it.

You might think that everyone who works out does it in the morning and that after 5pm everyone just hides on their couches or at happy hour but YOU WOULD BE WRONG. That’s right, not everyone is up before dawn running or doing whatever it is they tell you they’re doing, it’s just that the morning people like to casually mention that they were up before 6am this morning to get their workout in because not only do they need to shame you for not working out but they also need to add that you should probably feel like shit for sleeping til 7am on a weekday. And on long run days that are on a weekend? “Wow, you slept til 9? Well, isn’t SOMEONE a sleeping beauty!”

Recently, someone at work asked if it had indeed been me they saw out at 5:30am and I said, “yeah, that sounds like me. I’m usually out then during the week.” It can be difficult, sometimes, to explain to people that just because you don’t have to come in to work, that doesn’t mean you have any plans to sleep late. The morning exerciser can have a somewhat difficult time communicating with people when you insist that 8:00am really isn’t that early, you’re fine with getting in at that time.

But I harbor no illusions about my early morning activities. As someone who rows in the morning and runs in the evening (generally speaking) I will not lie to you and say that mornings are great and I love being out when other people are all snug in their beds. Each morning, I do not wake up and walk down the street marveling at the quiet and peace around me or the fact that I pass bakery trucks making deliveries on my way to the boathouse. I’m not thinking about how excited I am to be out while everyone else is sleeping, instead I’m thinking, “those people are so much smarter than I am.” I do not feel a moral superiority to those that choose to workout in the evenings (or, dare I say it, those that choose not to workout at all). No, honestly, I would go back to sleeping late in a heartbeat and this experience has proven to me that I will never be an early morning runner just like I don’t think I could be an evening rower. Each morning when my alarm goes off, I don’t just open my eyes, I roll them and think “god dammit.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: morning runners are all a part of some sick cult.

Morning or evening runner?


23 thoughts on “I do this so I feel superior.

  1. I am an evening runner who has found herself becoming a primarily morning runner out of necessity because for some reason I need to run OUTSIDE (UGH UGH UGH) and it’s too HOT DURING THE DAY. And also in the morning. I hate running.

  2. Evening runner here. I cannot make myself run in the morning. I’ve tried. I think I’ve succeeded twice ever. It doesn’t matter how hot it’s going to be later, I will not get out of my comfy bed.

    And it’s definitely out of the question in the winter. People will be like, “Get up at 7am and run with me on Saturday!” I’m thinking, “Uh, it’s going to be 20 degrees warmer if you’d just wait till the afternoon. Why would I pull myself out of my warm bed that early on a weekend to run when it’s colder?”

  3. I run in the morning occasionally out of necessity, but I don’t LOVE it, and I would always much rather stay in bed. The alarm goes off and my first thought is “F************K.” I’ll be running after work this evening πŸ™‚

  4. I go back and forth between being a morning runner and an afternoon runner. I absolutely hate getting up super early to run but have found I am more consistent when I do. As hard as I try – I just never can get out of work at a decent time!

  5. Evening ALL THE WAY! I tried so hard last summer to be an early morning runner last summer and I made it for a 3 mile run, at 5 am, ONE TIME! lol Never again. I will never even TRY to do that again. On the weekend, my early morning run is about 9.

  6. Evening runner without a doubt. The sad part is, I COULD be a morning runner because my stupid idiotic body won’t let me sleep late on weekends anyway, but I stay in bed until 8-9am on principal! It’s the f*ing weekend! You’ll stay in bed and like it dammit!

  7. I do both. Nights during the week and mornings on the weekend. I was just looking at my calendar and realized with long runs and other races I like to add here and there, the next time I can sleep in on a weekend is January. It’s to the point where I am tempted to take days off from work so I can do my long run and still be able to sleep in. Stupid summer hotness.

  8. The mornings are basically the only time I have for myself so that’s when I get it done. And of course, I’m better than everyone else. πŸ˜‰ (I do get many comments about waking up before the sun and HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT? Well, I’m in bed by 8:30, usually.)

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