Cheering 101: Formulating a Plan

Some people aren’t really excited by cheering on runners, even if they are themselves runners. Some people have on headphones so you try cheering for them, and they fucking ignore you, which just makes you want to run them down and smack them upside the head. “I’m out here like an asshole cheering you on, perfect stranger! DON’T GIVE ME THAT DIRTY LOOK!” Then other people are only interested in cheering for THEIR runner and ignore everyone else, which is super boring and I think it’s a lot more fun if you just make a total ass of yourself and go all out for everyone.


Picture 9I’m counting down to the Marine Corps Marathon this year with the same enthusiasm as last because even though I’m not running it, I have a specific person I’m cheering for. I’ve dedicated myself to being Jenn’s personalized, traveling cheering section and this kind of stuff takes planning and dedication. First, you have to analyze the course, see where the most opportune spots are, where is she going to be needing a little pick me up the most? (FYI, I already plan on going the whole length of the 14th St bridge with you.)

I’ve started thinking that I’ll take my bike with me, that way with the basket I can bring a variety of items that she might need along her journey and also cupcakes for the finish line, possibly a small boombox playing some of Jenn’s preselected favorite motivational music, plus I can get around much more easily.

Basically, this is the equivalent of training to run the actual marathon.

So, in short, I’M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO CHEERING FOR JENN! So let’s start brainstorming how we’re getting this girl through her first marathon with a big huge smile on her face!


18 thoughts on “Cheering 101: Formulating a Plan

  1. You will also need a shirt that says “#1 SPECTATOR!”, because with this plan you certainly will be! And if you want to be SUPER helpful, throw a bottle of water in your bike basket and peddle your way over near the munchkin stop for her to have something to wash that donut down with! Man did I want a drink after that munchkin and the next water stop was like a mile away!

  2. They make boom box style ipod docking systems..they even come battery powered so it is portable.

    I liked personalized/funny signs. Hugs (i got hugs from these group of girls I kept seeing throughout the course and they cheered me on and gave me hugs and told me they’d be there at the finish…which they were…and they were totally random).

    I also like the idea of having a nemesis to try and beat. There was this one guy training with my Running Room group who was super annoying…and we had the same time goal and the same pacer…and i lost them due to hip/knee injuries…but toward the end, I spotted him…and it spurred me on…and I ran the last 5 miles, the pain disappeared and I beat him by like 10-12 minutes! VICTORY!!!!!

  3. How about t-shirts with smart snarky sayings on them? They could say something like “Get your lazy dupa moving girl, there’s a Sharknado coming followed by a Turkadactyl attack. And you don’t want NO part of that! I’m just sayin.” See? 26 words – one for every mile. Now we just need to round up 26 peeps. I think this just may put me in the cheerleading Hall of Fame.

  4. This is awesome! Who WOULDN’T want to run a marathon with this kind of amazing spectator service?!?! Definitely making my bagel or pizza option at the NYCM look bad. I assume that singing/blasting “Let it Go” will be involved at some point?

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