Run Less, Run Faster?: 12 weeks to the NYC Marathon

Last week’s running was… eeeeh. I haven’t been feeling it, but I’m working on getting myself back on track since I’ve been out of town on the weekends so I just feel like I don’t have the down time I need to get other things done like cleaning, laundry, and making food for the week and I just generally never stop feeling stressed. This is it, though, one last weekend for a family party and then I’m free to chillax and do my long run on the weekend because a two week rowing hiatus between seasons means I can sleep in Monday-Thursday (or go out early and run and/or erg, whatever). IMG_3585

IMG_3588Going on week 7 of the Run Less, Run Faster training program, I did the Go for the Gold 5k on Saturday as a substitute for my speed work day. The race was small (about 50 runners) and cheap ($25). Someone needs to tell US Rowing how to have a 5k: don’t open registration the week before, try to actually advertise your race somewhere, don’t have it in August (and if you must, start earlier than 9:30am). It was fun, though, and had some really great swag that was in abundant supply because no one registered. I got free bondiband headbands for all the ladies on my crew team, a stress ball in the shape of a hammerhead shark, and a nice water bottle from the new New Balance store in Princeton. Some people, of course, showed up in their rowing unitards, the race was started by (who else?) a coxswain, and the national rowing team came and met people since they train near Princeton. Unlike last year, there wasn’t an erg for people to try out, though.

I’m not running faster, though. My 5k time went down about 20 seconds from June, but it’s still about 200 seconds off from my PR in June 2013. It is frustrating to be putting in a lot of work and going at each run with everything I’ve got and seeing no improvement really, but Sunday turned all of that around because I wasn’t running faster but I was running funner.

Is it possible for me to be any more excited about the impending runDisney season? I didn’t think so either, but low and behold I’m really, really excited because: Kellie. I find it really humorous that sometimes you get the feeling runDisney people are total douchers (whiny, entitled pains in the asses on facebook) and then you meet certain runDisney people and you’re just like, “LET’S SING BE OUR GUEST IN THIS PLACE THAT ISN’T DISNEY!” and they’re totally down for it because they’re amazing and wonderful and you have a shit ton of fun with them. So far, Danielle, Katherine, and Jenn all fall into camp awesome in real life and now there’s Kellie who’s just like, “it’s cool, let’s spend 2 miles talking about lilikoi juice” and the logical response is, “Thank the Phoenicians, someone gets it.” This can sustain conversation for 5 miles: IMG_2973




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