Quick, the emergency Disney travel bag!


After a terrible 15 miler on Saturday, I did what normal people do and went out to run 10 miles on Sunday. The 10 miler was supposed to be my cutback long run for the next weekend but I had big plans for next weekend and didn’t feel like doing it during the week because I had better things to do next weekend…

It’s funny, when I came back from marathon weekend (week?) in January I threw my Disney specific travel items into an overnight bag and jokingly referred to this as my “emergency Disney travel bag.” A few days ago, I realized I hadn’t used a single vacation day since February and all told I’ve used approximately 4 vacation days so far this year.

That got me thinking.

A quick check of the JetBlue website indicated that flights to Orlando for Labor Day weekend weren’t obscenely expensive. In addition, I could get a cheap room in Disney with my annual passholder discount.

I know there are other places to vacation and see. I know that at my age I should probably want to go somewhere other than Disney World but honestly I’m also at a point in my life where I have realized that fuck it, I just don’t care if other people think I’m crazy. So I switched my cutback week to next week, bought a plane ticket, and called my mom to tell her I wasn’t coming up to NJ for Labor Day, instead I was heading down to Disney World.

IMG_2689Horrified at the prospect of my wandering the seedy back alleys of Disney World alone (“are you even staying on the monorail??”), having already planned on going to Southwest Florida sometime in September, and being stuck with a husband who started this Disney obsession to begin with (thanks, Dad, for your unwavering love of Pirates of the Caribbean), my mom called me back an hour later and said that my parents would be joining me, so please book a room that’s not at some crappy value hotel. My dad suggested the Polynesian and I found myself amazed that someone didn’t know that hotel was undergoing massive renovations, so it was back to my home away from home: the Boardwalk.

It was time to break the glass on the emergency Disney bag. It’s weird not having a race. Wait, no expo? No KT Tape? I don’t have to pack my Garmin? My Garmin charger? Special running clothes? I CAN SLEEP PAST 2:30AM?! I’m slightly disappointed I’m not coming back with my favorite Disney souvenir, a new shiny medal, but fuck it I’m going to eat all the junk food that’d otherwise make me barf while on the run. Digestion be damned, someone get me more Mickey ice cream bars, because this girl can eat all the dairy she wants!

Because this time, if I vomit it’ll be the way God intended: while riding something fast moving immediately after eating at an all-you-care-to-eat buffet. And now that I did a 10 mile run the day after my 15 miler and did it at HALF MARATHON PACE, I can vacation in peace.

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