Summer is over. OR IS IT?

Labor day is done so all the relaxing emptiness of summer is gone. There are college students everywhere, everyone’s back at work, rowing is back on at 5:30am, but the weather didn’t get the message so in D.C. we have highs in the 90s all week and the sun isn’t rising until well after 6am now.

I find it kind of funny that I actually know when sunrise is now.

I spent the last weekend of summer on a glorious vacation in Disney World because I’m geographically stunted and don’t want to go anywhere else. I loved being back in my beloved Epcot resort area.IMG_4101 I didn’t mind that I spent more time hanging out at the pool than I did in the parks because it was sufficiently hot that walking around a park between 11am and 6pm was basically a miserable experience and I’d be back in November anyway! Even my mom really enjoyed staying in this part of Disney and loved the vacation club villa that came with a washer/dryer. She had the most relaxing vacation ever because she never had to look at dirty clothes.

IMG_4077But I did do a lot of new to me things this trip like ride Soarin’ without a fast pass during normal park hours, saw the Country Bear Jamboree, rode the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, AND ENJOYED FROZEN SUMMER FUN AT HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!

If I were making strong suggestions I would say don’t wait 70 minutes or more for the Mine Train, and do wait hours for the Frozen Fireworks because OH MY GOD FIREWORKS TO THE MUSIC OF FROZEN. I was actually able to see the fireworks every night from the balcony in our room which faced Hollywood Studios and fortunately just happened to have the soundtrack to Frozen on my phone and in my brain. HOW LUCKY.

I’ve been struggling to get back on track with working out. I overslept and missed rowing today, something I never do, and honestly the mere idea of going out to run makes me want to just park myself on my couch even more. I’m just so damn sick of heat. I saw other people running in Disney and I just laughed at them.

Funny story: I think I ran the world showcase faster this time when I was trying to get to the France pavilion before the bakery closed than I ever have during an actual runDisney race. Go figure.

Is everyone excited for fall? BECAUSE I CAN’T WAIT.


12 thoughts on “Summer is over. OR IS IT?

  1. I already have my fast pass for the Mine Train, no 70 minute wait for me! And I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL FROZEN FIREWORKS!!!! It will be GLORIOUS!

    Can we just skip all days and go straight to my trips this month, November, January and February?!?!

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