Flaking Out: It’s Grrreat!

This past week is the first week in a few months that I just completely flaked out on running. That’s right, went a whole 7 days and didn’t run a single mile.

There were a range of reasons. Work, personal stuff, just overall not feeling well, and I’m still adjusting to getting up early for rowing. There’s a certain jetlag adjustment period with early wake up calls, but I have a feeling once I get over the initial hump the season will be over and I can go back to sleeping until 7 am. Ah, 7 am.

I plan on getting back on track this week, or at least coming up for air for a few minutes before I get sucked back under the water. I could freak out over my marathon training, but I’m not. There’s no real time goal for this race, but let’s be honest: if I’m racing towards a bagel in Queens I’m basically guaranteed a personal record for at least the first half of the course, right?

Also, I discovered that I both get this kid’s channel called The Hub AND IT SHOWS JEM so despite being exhausted, I’m still truly, truly, truly outrageous. And I got a pan for baking donuts so basically my fall is looking pretty fucking promising.



9 thoughts on “Flaking Out: It’s Grrreat!

  1. That’s right! Let that everything bagel give you speed! I can add bacon too for an extra pick me up 🙂

    And have I not told you about The Hub?!?! It is the best channel EVER! It has Jem, Animianiacs, Tiny Toons, ALF…the list goes on and on of its amazingness!

  2. I took the week after Labor Day off. Legs were hurting and work was crazy, so I took it easy. I bonked on my next long run thanks to the insane heat as was pretty discouraged. Then I went and PR’d the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon this weekend by 15 minutes, so maybe flaking for a little while isn’t too bad after all.

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