Tower of Terror 10 Miler Tips

Tower of Terror 10 Miler Tips. How’s that for some alliteration on a Friday?

The shorts in question.

The shorts in question.

I’ve still got quite a bit of time until my next trip to Disney World. It feels like an eternity between now and the Wine & Dine half marathon, maybe because it’s at least 1-2 20 milers away? I don’t know. I haven’t run at all this week because I’ve been busy doing so much other crap I get roughly 1-2 hours free on a weeknight before I have to go to bed. But, it is almost time for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler so here are some observations from when I did it last year in case you’re getting yourself all psyched up for the race right at this very moment!

First things first: No, I don’t know why this race has a stitch theme. Does anyone know? I have yet to meet someone who knows.

Weather Tip: Plan on it being really, really, really, incredibly, insanely humid. The good part is that the race is at night so you don’t have to worry about being baked alive by the sun’s rays but unfortunately I’ve been in the World two years in a row when this race was run and it was always humid as a sweaty armpit. Especially coming from the northeast where our humidity just started dying down, this was a cruel vicious bitch slap. October 2012 was worse than 2013 when the humidity was the only problem but please exercise good judgement.

Reality tip: After a hot, humid race expect Hollywood Studios to look a lot like a seedier part of actual Hollywood. Runners looked like shit after last year’s race and quite a few were just sitting on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard like they were going to pass out if they hadn’t already. Definitely was a different vibe, I thought, than the Wine & Dine party. Also, rides sometimes shut down because runners throw up on them.ย  Have fun on Rock’n’Rollercoaster!

Pack Heavy: If you want to stay for the party, bring a complete set of clothes to change into, right down to clean DRY underwear. Everything will be covered in sweat. You can bring the disposable wipes too to kind of try and freshen yourself up.

Beware the Course: It’s night, it’s dark, and they have you run down a pretty poorly lit gravel pathway and oh yeah 10 feet after the start line there’s a big speed bump. Be aware of where you’re going and pay attention. If you’ve never run on gravel before I’d suggest trying it out since it can throw off your balance a little. Also, if you’ve never run a Disney race that goes through Hollywood Studios before just know: you’re going to be running through there a lot longer than you thought you would.

Best Characters: If I were ranking Disney races based solely on character availability, I would rank Tower of Terror as the best. It’s at night, but the villains were amazing and it at least felt like there were different ones at just about every mile marker some of them with their own little set up. I also loved the first mile when they played the Twilight Zone music and then the music from Psycho, so don’t run the whole thing with your headphones on, people. My award for overall theme-ing goes to this race, hands down. Laying down for the grave diggers is not optional. COMMIT TO YOUR PHOTO STOPS.

Ever run Tower of Terror? Thoughts?


17 thoughts on “Tower of Terror 10 Miler Tips

  1. I did the 2012 Race and nearly went down due to heat exhaustion. If you see my pictures, my face goes from normal sweaty red to a pale white about mile 6. I managed to finish the rest of the race, and immediately turned and went into the med tent. If you listened to where majority of people were from, it was the north in that tent and they were all hurting from the heat

  2. this race is always on my list, but I could never justify doing this and then flying down a month later for W&D and W&D will always win out for me.

    Yes, this year I’m making 4 trips in 5 months, but I HAD TO! Olaf made me do it…

  3. ToT 2013 was my first ever runDisney race and it was a blast! There were no lines at all for characters so I was able to stop with whoever I wanted (biggest advantage of Coral A) and let’s face it, the villains are the best!
    The humidity sucked, even more so when you are stupid enough to wear your wool mouse ears, but I’ve run in worse through the summer…night-running made it at least tolerable.

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