3 races, 1 weekend

I’m really excited for this upcoming weekend.

Screen shot 2014-09-20 at 8.44.21 PMMy first road race since August will be this weekend, the Clarendon 5k/10k double header! Pacers puts on the race and a friend of mine is registered though still unsure whether or not she’ll actually run it. I plan on facebook shaming her into doing it, since that’s worked in the past, or worst case scenario nagging her to go to brunch with me afterwards since she lives right by the finish line. Unlike the Dopey Challenge where you run the 5k and 10k on separate days, this particular race has you finish the 5k then run like crazy to get back up the hill to start the 10k. That’s right, it’s a downhill course. Ah, I’m excited.

There’s no special medal for running both (or even for running one) but I’m looking forward to a race to get me excited and back into running. I’ve been slacking and tired and inundated with just other crap so I wanted to do something special for my runner side.

Those are two of the races for that weekend. Sunday morning, though, there’s a little something super duper special happening…


That’s right, assuming I actually get picked for the line up, I’ll be in a mixed 8+ boat for my first ever regatta, the Head of the Potomac. I’m incredibly excited for this, which is basically the culmination of the last 6 months of getting up before dawn Monday through Thursday and most Fridays to row. Screen shot 2014-09-20 at 8.48.45 PMI’m so totally psyched for this race. It’ll be brand new to me, since our previous “race” was just a friendly little scrimmage against another team… And half our crew plus our coach were either still drunk or just incredibly hungover from the birthday party they went to the night before. I told everyone that this time, you wait until AFTER the race to be drunk off your ass. There’s been talk of us rowing in another head race but that’s the same day as the NYC Marathon and I flat out told our coach, “I did not run all those miles in 90 degrees to not run this race.”


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