Reality, Man.

I understand that health and fitness “lifestyle” blogs are intended to be inspirational and aspirational. But sometimes, you want to read something that doesn’t make you feel like shit because you don’t have an interest in kale and running never feels like a really fun party with your friends. I think I fit in that niche market and I like to think that this is the place you can come when you need to feel good about yourself. You can come here and think, “Yeah, okay, I’m doing better than she is.”

Listen, yesterday’s post wasn’t exactly inspirational in the sense that I went out and crushed a goal or something but I think it’s good to talk about the reality of running. Especially for people just starting out, I want you to know that it’s not all unicorns and rainbows even after 2+ years for me. The feet aren’t the ugly part: it’s a constant battle to not only improve but just to maintain what you already have. That’s right, people, it’s hard to maintain the fitness you already have. Talk about an ugly underbelly.

To this day, it hasn’t gotten easier for me. And with running blogs and the nature of running, it’s really easy to compare yourself to other people and get caught up in how fast or slow you are compared to them. It’s really easy for you to expect that if you follow the same training plan, you’ll see the same results.

You can pin that little recipe for disaster and misery on pinterest and I guarantee it’ll one thing that will never be a pinterest fail.





6 thoughts on “Reality, Man.

  1. Wait, I’m supposed to maintain the fitness level I’ve achieved? Dammit! I knew I was doing something wrong! As Goofy training continues, I fully intend to write a lot more about how running sucks…because it does. ALL THE TIME.

  2. I agree. I run and I race, but I don’t necessarily enjoy running any more than I did when I started and it’s certainly not any easier! Getting myself out the door for each and every run is still a struggle! (How’s that for inspiration – “It’ll suck and it won’t get any easier, but get your ass out the door!”)

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