26.2 Days of Fall Marathoning: Staten Island Half Marathon

I completely forgot about the Staten Island Half Marathon until about a week ago. Oops.

In my defense, the Staten Island half doesn’t get the hype the Brooklyn Half does. Let’s be honest: this is New York Roadrunners way of trying to placate the people of Staten Island after that whole Sandy thing happened. “The NYRR Five-Borough Series showcases our renewed commitment to the individuals and communities in each borough” translation: this is the race where we acknowledge that Staten Island is a borough and a part of the City of New York after ignoring it for the other 11 months out of the year and don’t worry, we know that no one from Manhattan is going to come out for this. Also billed as NYRR’s most inconvenient and out of the way race. (Let’s just ignore that they even have a race in NEW JERSEY, so basically Staten Island’s only beating out New Jersey in number of NYRR races because it’s the starting point for the marathon… Awkward.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting on Staten Island because a) I think everyone does an adequate job of doing that already and b) they’ve got enough actual garbage on the island anyway, it’s just not a place I spend much time and it’s clear that this is the lesser half. The Brooklyn half has a whole countdown and huge elaborate bib pick up–this one is in their regular pick up location on 89th st, a no muss no fuss kind of deal that I greatly appreciate.

My expectations are pretty low for this one, honestly. (Much like my expectations for the borough! haha!) I’m debating going watchless and just running what feels good. The idea isn’t so much about time as it is rekindling the joy that makes this feel less like a terrible, horrible chore. Also, my stomach has been acting terribly lately so I’m hoping to not repeat what happened last week on my thwarted long run. That was not pretty. At all. Yeesh. This’ll be my first half since the debacle that was the 2014 Brooklyn Half Marathon so if I can get through without any pain, I’d probably put that squarely in the win column.

Any other Staten Island half marathoners out there? Any tips for race day?


6 thoughts on “26.2 Days of Fall Marathoning: Staten Island Half Marathon

  1. I’ll do my run “with” you! we can sing “Golden Dreams” together via twitter!

    And as shitted on, at least Staten Island gets a half marathon…Queens gets a 10K. It’s the only borough that’s not good enough for double digits. I’m just saying…

  2. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much for sub-2 this weekend. Also, I’m weirdly nervous about taking the ferry. I’VE NEVER TAKEN THE STATEN ISLAND FERRY BEFORE.

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