Right of First Refusal

I’m pretty excited because I decided to commit to something a few weeks ago. Assuming Disney doesn’t refuse the sale, I’m on my way to being a Disney Vacation Club Member! After the last few trips, I realized that especially on race weekends there’s nothing better than having a washer/dryer because that’s how I vacation now: I want the luxury of in-room laundry facilities.

I had some lengthy talks with my parents, surveys of friends who have DVC memberships, copious amounts of research, and did a lot of math to come to this conclusion. I opted for a resale because I was (shocking surprise) interested in the Boardwalk and it didn’t hurt that it was slightly cheaper than the Beach Club. One day, as fate would have it, the number of points I wanted came up for sale and it’s currently sitting with Disney awaiting their approval of the sale. The great part is that it’s enough to cover a whole week in a 1 bedroom villa in January AND every other year I can use my leftover points to basically get a bonus 4 days for Wine & Dine!  Oh, and I’m now a shareholder in the Walt Disney Company so by all means, everyone keep signing up for the races and staying on property.

The only downside was that the person I bought the points from didn’t want to close until February, so I can’t use them for the marathon until January 2016 but I made up for with the price per point so I was okay with it. Being the great person I am, I benevolently told my sister that I would of course charge a totally reasonable rate if she wanted to stay with me in January. DSCN0232


19 thoughts on “Right of First Refusal

  1. You will be so happy that you purchase a DVC. I can get 5 nights for marathon weekend which is a huge savings after having to pay the registration fee. It totally is worth it if you go down to Disney multiple times a year. Don’t forget you can also put up to 25 one time points a year. Depending on the season, the $375 you spend for those points will get you two nights in a nice studio.
    I’m actually going to add on to my existing points shortly. I currently have my DVC at OKW but am looking for maybe something over at the Boardwalk or Bay Tower.
    Welcome to DVC owenership!

  2. I’ve seriously been considering DVC, although probably in California because that’s where my brother lives and Disneyland is an annual trip when I live on the East Coast and more often when I’m in San Diego. I’d be curious to see what your surveys and math showed though, because I’ve been having a hard time committing that much money to something I don’t actually own.

    • Yeah, it was a little daunting. The factors that did it for me were that I really like staying at the Boardwalk, I loved having the villa (esp. since my parents are spending their winters in FL from now on and my parents would come up and stay with me if I had that room), and it’s expensive to stay over there. That combined with the decreasing availability of the room only discounts that I’ve become accustomed to in Disney World especially during marathon weekend.

      I took the cost of the membership and added in the annual maintenance cost per point and compared that to what I would pay at rack rate for the same room at the same hotel, not to what I would pay for say a discounted room at a value hotel. If I go for that week for the next 5-6 years, after that I’m just paying the annual maintenance cost which would be roughly a 70% discount on the rack rate they’re currently charging.

      To save some extra money, I bought resale and got some significant savings by doing it that way and conceivably could re-sell my share at some point to get back some of money I put into my membership. (Disney controls the market with their first right of refusal so they inflate the point values and keep it from crashing to some extent.)

      • Your post is so timely – I just got an e-mail from a resale group with a *single* Grand Californian unit available – but at a price I could pay cash for. Now I need to figure out if 100 points is enough. Probably enough to start with – two races there a year right now (Tink with Mom and Avengers with my brother and his family) should make it worthwhile even while I am living in DC.

  3. So JEALOUS! I love my DVC points and I love AKL, but the BOARDWALK! I need some distant rich relative to die and leave me a small fortune so I can buy more DVC point there…or just hide in your suitcase. Either or…

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