26.2 Days of Fall Marathoning: Running Free

garmin2I have been running since the Staten Island half but I have been running without a watch. That’s right, I’ve been going out to run and I haven’t been using a watch. Crazy, right? If you run without a GPS watch, did the run even really happen? Are you sure?

I find that whenever I hate running the most, it’s usually when my watch is telling me something that is making me feel kind of shitty. So I’m going to tell you a little secret–if you don’t like what your watch is telling you, maybe you just need to stop taking it with you everywhere. Consider your mind blown.

This weekend’s long run was done completely watchless and misery-less. Coincidence? I think not.


5 thoughts on “26.2 Days of Fall Marathoning: Running Free

  1. I’ve been running (well, on Saturday and before that) with my watch band facing up on my wrist. That way it’s a pain in the ass to look at but I still can, mostly for mileage purposes.

  2. Good for you! Get in that habit because you’re not going to want to see how slow you’re going during W&D.

    I admittedly stared a little too much at my watch on this weekend but I had very good reasons! As in, I wanted to stop running and I couldn’t until that damn thing said I hit mile 16.

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