How to Wake Up Early Part Deux

It should come as no shock to anyone that basically it’s getting darker earlier and staying that way longer.

I know, I know, total buzzkill.

Rowing season ends next Thursday, which would normally mean that my waking up early ends next Thursday but we’ve decided to sign up for a winter conditioning class over at Georgetown so I’ll get a few weeks off from my early morning wake up call and then it’s time to start getting up early again. Bummer. But, I’ve found that as the temperatures cool off and the darkness sticks around longer and longer, there are some different methods I use for getting out of bed and out the door in the morning. So here’s a follow up to my “how to get up early” guide.

IMG_1773Overdress in layers. I was mocked by one of my fellow rowers for how overdressed I am when I show up at the boathouse but when you’re leaving a warm, comfy bed and it’s still dark out, it’s a lot easier to handle when you’re warm and toasty. Layer away, people. If you’re running, I’d suggest planning your first half mile so you loop back around to your house/car and can drop off your extra layers.

Sleep with your windows open. I’m serious. Overdress to go to bed, leave your window open, and when you wake up and go outside the temperature is a little less of a bitch slap. Add to that the fact that your house will seem that much less less snuggly and cozy warm, and suddenly the outdoors don’t seem quite as bad.

Weather planning. Sure, it’s colder now so you don’t have to desperately try to avoid the hottest days of the week, but planning your runs around rain in the dark, cold morning will still help you get your ass out of bed.

Dare I say, treadmill. Listen, darkness at night around 7 pm is one thing, but darkness at 6 am is something else. It might seem more reasonable to use treadmill in the morning because it’s got lots of lighting and has some obvious safety features that regular street running doesn’t. At night around 7 pm there are plenty of other people out on the sidewalks, not so much so at 6 am.


13 thoughts on “How to Wake Up Early Part Deux

  1. See? TREADMILL. Yay treadmill!

    I can’t sleep with my windows open. Not for any REAL reason, but rather because it will awake in me an irrational terror that one of my cats will fall through the screen and I’ll NEVER SEE HER AGAIN.

    • Oh – that’s a good tip! I have so much trouble getting myself up in the morning until it’s absolutely necessary, which usually means my workouts are after work.

      We already leave our house extremely cold, so no need to open windows, but I’m going to try the light and layering tips. Hopefully they help ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think if I woke up any earlier to do anything before work I would be getting up the night before…but think of how many times you can watch Frozen while running on the treadmill!

  3. I totally agree with the treadmill! It’s really not that bad in the morning…so much safer! Let’s be honest…I’m so tired at 6am, I don’t know where I am for about 50% of my run.

    Sometimes, I sleep in my workout clothes to make getting up even faster/easier.

    Nice post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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