NYC marathon: It’s never too cold for a tank top, right?

I ended up actually ordering a custom shirt that says “Call Me ISHMAEL” from Customink. I’ve never done that kind of thing before, but I was looking to do something a little special for this race since marathons are kind of still a big deal for me. Here’s what the outfit looks like as it stands now: IMG_4494IMG_4493The shirt is pretty crappy. I mean, it’s not cut in a fashion that’s at all flattering on me (I’m actually going to spend 5 minutes hemming it on my sewing machine at home) so it’s basically a summer pajama shirt after Sunday. The back of the shirt has a quote from the Phantom Tollbooth, “The only thing you can do easily is be wrong. That hardly seems worth the effort.”

The skirt is “circus daze” from Sparkle Skirts. I bought it last year for the Marine Corps Marathon and decided to wear this one again since none of the skirts currently available for sale appealed to me (I’m not big on the prints they have). I could wear capris, but this skirt has enough space to carry some Swedish fish, cash, and my cellphone no problem and since I’m not doing back check I need my storage space.

First time ever with arm warmers. For $8 from the Running Warehouse, I figured I wouldn’t feel bad tossing them. Now, I feel like it might be the best $8 I’ve ever spent.

I’ve got about 65 layers of clothes to toss and I brought two pairs of capris I’ve bought from Target that I can wear underneath the skirt just in case I feel like I need extra layers but honestly, I’d rather run cold.

I brought with me a pair of mizuno waverider 16s like I ran my last two marathons in (a newer, less used pair) and my Brooks Ravennas because at the last minute I couldn’t commit to a shoe. I JUST COULDN’T. So that decisions remains to be made, even though I’ve worn the Mizunos the last couple runs and on my 20 miler.

Looking forward to my swanky orange poncho at the finish and an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese.

I went for a short run on Wednesday night and met a friend at the boathouse to do a 2k erg test even though my display screen didn’t work so I mustly just futzed around and coxed her through hers. We pulled the ergs outside and I can’t help but wonder who the fuck would want to spend time in a gym.

Beautiful job, Chroma.IMG_4501



15 thoughts on “NYC marathon: It’s never too cold for a tank top, right?

  1. Tank tops only become inappropriate running gear once snow starts falling. YOU WILL LOOK GREAT AND DO GREAT. Also PRETZEL CROISSANTS Saturday?! LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPENNNNNNNNNN

  2. I’m so excited you got that shirt! I want to get it to! …but with the whole “faster than the 7 train” on” on the back. AND then we can wear it again for every 9+1 race we do, it will be the official Lisa Runs 2016 NYCM shirt!

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