Running According to My Parents

I find it really funny how my parents relate to this ridiculous running hobby I have. Honestly, you’d think I’d never done a marathon before the way everyone is talking about the NYC Marathon. Here’s a sample of what my parents have said to me over the course of the last week…

Dad: “I really wonder who your parents are because I know you didn’t get any encouragement from us to do this.”

Mom: “I know you’ve done other marathons, but this is the first one anyone’s ever actually heard of.”

Dad: “I remember working on the permits for this race when they first started running through all the boroughs and thinking, ‘my VW beetle can’t even make it over the Verranzano, how are these people doing it?'”

Mom: “I hung up your cape [blue, post-race poncho] in your closet. If it had arm holes I probably would’ve worn it around myself and said ‘oh yes, I did run the marathon.'”

Dad: “I know you said you weren’t going to do another marathon, but come on, I think we both know you’re full of shit.”

Mom: “I didn’t realize it was November already, I spent so much time thinking about you either getting Ebola or killed by a terrorist attack at that stupid marathon I couldn’t think of anything else.”


12 thoughts on “Running According to My Parents

  1. Seriously…you need to write a book with everything they’ve said EVER.

    My mom thinks I’m crazy for every race/run I do (“wait, you’re really going to run another 3 miles after the race? seriously?”) My dad just thinks I’m insane for trying Goofy. However neither of them have said anything even remotely as entertaining as your parents.

  2. My grams wears the Disney race shirts I have bought for her and will let people think she has ran the races…she doesn’t say she ran them, but doesn’t correct them if they assume it. lol.

    That being said, none of my family thinks it is crazy that I run…my dad has been encouraging it from a young age, but I didn’t get into it until I was challenged to do a half by my friend Tara after my Masters was over. Best. Decision. Ever. Esp. since I wouldn’t know you guys if Tara hadn’t challenged me.

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