Maintain, Don’t Gain (Don’t let it show, well now they know)

I’ve been MIA a little bit more than usual lately. Life, you know, doing stuff, going places. Supernatural: The Musical was on television.

Anyway. I did join a Maintain Don’t Gain weight challenge at work where the idea is to not gain weight over the holidays. I’m kind of excited for it, my weight has crept up over the last few months (year… years…) so I needed something to help keep me a little bit accountable and aware of what I’m doing. Turns out, Kellie, Kim, Rae, and Lisa were on board with a holiday accountabilibuddy program and weight’s easier to lose when you have people to go to when there are cupcakes right outside your door.

If I had any doubt that there might be a self-control problem on my part, it was reaffirmed today when I informed my colleagues upon leaving for the day that I had not eaten a donut, nor a cupcake, neigh not even a slice of the cake that was available in our office today. Not a single one. The looks on their faces of total and complete shock were a sign that maybe I’d been overindulging in my sweet tooth lately… I mean, they were shocked. And then one of them said, “I thought the sweets, candy, cakes, etc. were lasting a lot longer than usual…”

One in particular has reserved his judgment about my commitment to healthy eating until he sees me turn down french fries at the lunch table. I can’t guarantee my commitment goes that far, but I am seriously considering waiting until the fries are actually offered to me before I start eating them the next time.






11 thoughts on “Maintain, Don’t Gain (Don’t let it show, well now they know)

  1. Three fries. That’s my limit. Then I have to walk away. Walk away girfriend, just WALK AWAY. After you take a picture of said golden, crisy, deep fried deliciousness, and then send it to us so we can all drool and crunch vicariously. That’s what friends are for.

  2. Ugh. I can’t believe your co-workers say stuff like that to you. I could throttle them.

    I think that a lot of people have food control issues and won’t admit to it, so don’t beat yourself up. Also, there is a book called You are Not Your Brain, which helped me gain some control over my eating issues. I even go back and re-read parts to help me when i feel my relationship with food begins to fray.

  3. I’m really trying to keep an eye on what I eat recently…I’m not much of a sweets/ dessert person, but I can eat bread and carbs and salty stuff ALL DAY! Not to mention the friend pickles they have at the bar we go to after run club on Tuesday nights!!

    Ugh…so many good things to eat!

  4. OMG that comic is spot-on! And yeah, I don’t think I’ve EVER turned down french fries. I did, however, manage to turn down a free black and white cookie yesterday (what?), and so far I haven’t touched the twinkies in the kitchen… yet…

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