Marathons make me invincible.

I don’t know if you heard but I did a marathon a little over a month ago, did a half marathon less than a week later with no pain the next day, and am doing the Dopey challenge in January at Disney World, so I’m really fit and feeling like pretty hot shit. I can totally handle a gym now.

Wait, you want me to do a push up?

You want me to do more than one push up?

Ah fuck.


7 thoughts on “Marathons make me invincible.

  1. You want a fun upper body workout, go to the trapeze school. You don’t even notice you’re getting stronger. Plus side is that it totally makes my running better.

  2. Yes! I feel exactly the same way. I went to yoga sculpt yesterday and I just gave up and laid down on the mat at points. We’re supposed to be strong, in shape runners right?

  3. LOL! This really made me laugh!

    I teach a strength training class two times a week along with running, and if it wasn’t for that, I’d be in the same boat!

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