IMG_2798The thing is, December is a month that running kinda sucks.

The thing is, December is a really great month for running.

It’s cold and dark in December, so getting out the door is just so difficult. The holiday season means that I can come up with a really long list of things I’d rather be doing that do not include running, especially given the busier work schedule in December. Watching Christmas movies, baking, snuggling on my couch in my pajamas… None of that involves running.

The great thing about going out for a run in December is that it’s cold and dark but you can pick a night route that includes houses decorated with lots of lights for Christmas. During December, the National Zoo puts up fun lights for Zoolights and since entry is free (and the crowds can be pretty manageable on a weeknight) you can run through it as much as you like. Plus, it’s a hill (on top of a 1.5 mile long uphill) so you’re basically getting a workout for the eyes as well as the legs/lungs. I lose a lot of running routes when it’s dark, but this route gives a whole new exciting one that I enjoy a lot! Not to mention how much fun it is to go for a run and see everyone’s Christmas trees through their windows.

So basically, December is the best/worst month for running.



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