Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: Gotta sleep somewhere

The plan for marathon weekend has changed a lot over the course of the year. Definitely more change than I’m used to since I typically have everything set in stone and paid off by this point but nonetheless things are proceeding smoothly. Hotel accommodations for marathon weekend have been increasingly difficult to obtain over the last few years. Once upon a time, I got whatever hotel I wanted in September with a good, rack rate discount and now it’s like everything is sold out by then and getting a discount is impossible at the Epcot area hotels.IMG_4101

So, after some modifications and increased flexibility on my part, I’m staying at the Swan hotel (the one without the big point). After thinking about it a lot, I weighed my options and for what ends up being not that much extra I can stay at the Swan hotel instead of at Port Orleans Riverside. This all seems really stupid and normally I’m a cheap person who doesn’t pay extra for anything, but especially this weekend, post-marathon, it’s just a really great area.

Some interesting things to keep in mind about the Swan:

  • Magical Express does not do drop off/pick up from the Swolphin hotels
  • You get extra magic hours, regular Disney transportation services to/from parks, magic bands, and expo/race transportation for marathon weekend
  • Rates at the hotel fluctuate instead of the Disney rack rate discount program: I got a AAA rate that $240/night one week and a week later got a AAA rate that was for the same room but $201/night plus a $50 resort credit. The rate has since disappeared, so check frequently for a lower rate and call to have your rate updated!

Anyone ever stay at the Swan or Dolphin? Got a favorite hotel to stay at when you’re away from home for a race?


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